Vinnie Will You Marry Me?

Vinnie Sunseri visiting his friends at Children's Hospital in Birmingham - photo courtesy of twitter @vsunseri3

Vinnie Sunseri visiting his friends at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham – photo courtesy of twitter @vsunseri3

Ladies, I have some very sad news to report.  On Saturday, defensive back and strong safety Vinnie Sunseri was injured on a kickoff return and is out for the season.  He had surgery Tuesday on his knee and tweeted that it “went awesome” and he thanks God for all the support.  He left the hospital today but not before stopping by Children’s Hospital in Birmingham to visit his friends that he met through the Austin Shepherd Foundation.

I know, we have had numerous injuries this year as we are still defending our number one spot in the polls but from the girl’s point of view, this is a huge loss.  “Vinnie, will you marry me??” tweets were heard around the twitter nation this year when he roared on to the field and intercepted a pass from THE Johnny Football and ran it back for a touchdown against Texas A&M.  Not only is Vinnie a key player on defense he is a Bama heartthrob.  I can honestly say I get truly excited when I see Vinnie run on the field to play.  Even from the stands you can tell he has a huge personality and it comes across in the way he plays the game.  It does not take the crowd yelling to get him fired up, he comes out of the gate ready to attack.  So far this season he has had 20 tackles, four broken up passes and two interceptions, both of which he ran back for touchdowns.  Not bad aye?

So he will be out for the rest of the season but from his tweets it sounds like he is already ready to get to work!  What a truly great guy who gives so much for his team, his family and to the kids that he visits at Children’s Hospital.  We at gridirongirl hope he gets better soon himself!  We are missing our sweet Vinnie already!

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