Will the Kansas State Game Break WVU's Losing Streak?

Ugh. Our season just keeps getting worse. Now I have to type things like “losing streak”. But, after back to back losses, a losing streak is exactly what we have going on.

So, what happened in that Texas Tech game last weekend? Oh, just the usual… the Mountaineers choked, as they do. (Any Mountaineer fan will tell you that it takes a certain amount of resiliency, fortitude, and tissues to follow WVU football. Because you will have your heart broken and your hopes dashed, usually immediately after you’ve gotten your hopes up.)

Things were going along swimmingly, especially the 2nd and 3rd quarters. The offense had some momentum, the defense was (mostly) doing their job, special teams wasn’t making me cry too much, and thanks to some turnovers and Texas Tech penalties, it looked like we might actually win! But then… something happened in the 4th quarter. I still don’t know what. Were our players under some sort of magic spell? Were they replaced by Cylons? Was someone playing with voodoo dolls?  Because all of a sudden I’m shouting things like, “Who were you throwing that to?”, “FOR THE LOVE OF will you just tackle him?”, and “How did you miss that?”.

Coach Holgorsen said in a post-game interview, “It’s a game we should have won”. Yes. Yes, it was. People who get paid to write about football keep bringing up the “communication issue” between Clint Trickett and Holgorsen. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Either Trickett knows all the little hand signals, or he doesn’t. Holgorsen keeps saying things like (paraphrasing), “I’m obviously not communicating very well with Clint”. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Is it a passive aggressive way of saying Trickett ignores the play calls and just does what he wants?

Anyway, back to the question at hand… will WVU beat Kansas State tomorrow?

Why we might not win:

  • The game is being played at Kansas State and homefield advantage is a real thing. Unless you’re us, in which case, it isn’t.
  • Kansas State is also hungry for a win and coming off a bye week, so another advantage to them.

Why we might win:

  • Like WVU, Kansas State is also in a “transition” year. Which is a nice way of saying they also don’t know what they’re doing yet.
  • Kansas State is having a three game losing streak and ours is only two. Losers!
  • Kansas State is winless in conference play, whereas we upset Oklahoma State. Which could very well be the high point of our season.*
  • Homefield advantage might be a real thing, but maybe not so much for Kansas State, either. They’ve lost two home games so far this season – one to Baylor (totally understandable, Baylor is beating errybody this year) and one to North Dakota State (I’ve never heard of them so I can’t say for sure, but I think that’s a high school near Fargo).

There are more things in my “win” list than there are in my “not win” list, so my very scientific prediction is that WVU will win, but probably not by very much. Who am I kidding, at this point I’m just watching to see if Dana Holgorsen’s head might for realsies explode during the game. (RIP headset #39)

Game time is 2:45 pm Eastern. Be there or be square. Let’s Go………. Mountaineers!!!

*Although, we are currently ranked #6 in the Big 12 and our schedule will be much easier for the rest of the season (well, except Texas – I’m kinda scared of them this year) so according to conference math, we might still end up in a bowl game!


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  1. Maybe Dana and Clint should go to couples therapy to work through their communication issues.

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