1st Half Ducks vs. Bruins, What's Going On?


Ok. So it looks like my pre-game 60-23 prediction in favor of the Ducks, may have been a bit ambitious. I imagine Duck fans everywhere are grabbing a halftime beer/soda/snack and thinking “What the heck is going on?” This isn’t the score halftime score board we are used to.

Here are some things to think about:

1. The Ducks are playing the #12 team in the country. This ain’t no Nicholls State folks. They’re in the top 25 for a reason.

2. There’s no need to lose hope and freak out. The Ducks aren’t playing as well as they normally do but if you think about it, most teams this year have kept up with the Ducks at least for the first quarter. Every team the Ducks play will bring their absolute best against the Ducks but most tire out eventually- just when the Ducks are getting their second win and make a breakaway in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

3. Penalties do not seem to be going Oregon’s way. If you ask me, there have been a number of personal fouls by the Bruins that were seemingly ignored by the Refs. Yes, I did almost run down to the field, but since I have heels on, I decided not to.

4. The Bruin’s Offensive Line is doing a fairly decent job protecting Hundley- shockingly. This is keeping Oregon’s offense off the field. If the Ducks aren’t on the field, they can’t score. Oregon’s defense has to step it up.

5. The Ducks are a second half team. The Oregon coaches are excellent at making halftime adjustments. Keep the faith.



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