Vols, Tigers and Ducks…Wait…What?

So here we are again, watching the pictures being posted of the Crimson Tide players having their game winning cigars in the locker room after yet another big win against Tennessee.  I cannot say that I am surprised by the win, but I am a tad surprised they let Tennessee get 14 points however.  At the beginning of the game it really seemed like Alabama was going to score every time they had the ball.

The only bad thing I have to say about the entire game is that I still don’t care for the CBS announcers. Every time they called Kenyan Drake they said his name funny and it was driving me crazy considering they were calling his name quite often.  Then there was the whole mental “psych out” that the Tennessee coaches were trying to put on their team by calling Alabama the “Red Team” to make them seem less intimidating maybe?  Fine mind play for a coach I guess (even though it didn’t work) but it was really getting annoying to hear the announcers continue to call us that.  “We are the Alabama Crimson Tide”, I just kept screaming at the television.

All in all it was a great win and considering it was also my birthday weekend, I was very pleased with the win and the pictures of happy players after the  game only makes it that much sweeter.

Next week Alabama takes on LSU and I will say that even though the LSU Tigers have been iffy lately, they are still a very good, very strong team.  LSU is now ranked 11th so IN THEORY it should be a good game- much like the Ducks game yesterday that was tied 14-14 as they played the #12 Ranked UCLA Bruins. It started out as a GOOD game, a good match up, however, we know the Ducks, much like the Tide, are a second half team and they truly ran away with it and beat UCLA 42-14.

I hear the Ducks are still “wanting” Bama…stay tuned for my next post on that whole “Ducks want Bama” thing and get some of the Bama fan’s opinion on that!

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