Going for a 3-peat in Jacksonville

It’s been a long week off, Dawg fans. The big weekend is finally upon us: Georgia-Florida weekend, commonly known as the world’s largest cocktail party. It could almost be considered a rehabilitation match-up since a combination of eleven players will be absent from play action. However, during Georgia’s bye-week South Carolina was able to halt Missouri’s winning streak and leave a dim light on for Georgia at the end of the SEC East title. By dim, I mean like a night light. Many more SEC games and games in general remain on the schedule before a victor can be crowned. But I digress. Let’s get on with the festivities on deck this week.

Both Georgia and Florida are 4-3 (3-2 in the SEC) at this point. Whoever loses in Jacksonville will be voted off the SEC title hopes island, and left to finish their season and hope for a decent bowl game gifted by the BCS.

The bulldogs will be regaining running back Todd Gurley, thank you sweet baby Jesus! Reports say he is back to full speed and ready to face the Gators. Gurley has been out with an ankle injury since the LSU game. Georgia will also collect wide receiver Michael Bennett and safety Tray Matthews for the classic rivalry.

Even with all the missing players on both sidelines, Florida will pose a battle for Georgia. The Gators possess a strong special team squad and an intense defense with a fighting spirit offense. Things that might prove tough for Georgia to handle with Florida’s strengths opposing the Dawgs weak spots — defense and special teams have shown their soft spots going into week 9.

Hopefully the missing players in uniform won’t dampen the spirit of the Georgia – Florida rivalry. It has always been a pleasure to hate Florida fans. I’d hate to see injuries kill a tradition. Plus, Georgia will be going for their third straight win over the Gators. A three-peat has not accompanied the Dawgs since 1987-1989. The Dawgs have a slight point advantage by 2.5 if you’re a wagering kinda gal.

The Georgia-Florida match-up is a classic fall event. I can’t wait to see how the game plays out and who remains in the battle for the SEC East title. Time to head down south and prepare for a mad house of football lovin’ individuals.

Until next time….Hunker Down you Hairy Dawgs and Beat Florida!

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