What We Learned From the NFL Week 8

The Jets have a disorder that’s been diagnosed as “Sucks-Really-Bad-itis”

The Redskins’ defense took a vacation in the 4th quarter.

The Rams almost made my day on Monday.

Former Oregon coach + former USC QB = a loss

The Chiefs are legit.

It’s possible the Falcons have been snatched and replaced by a race of aliens that don’t know how to play football.

I hope the Chiefs win the AFC West.

Being a Patriots fan for Halloween will garner you lots of glares and stupid comments.

Having six teams on a bye will seriously impact my articles.

The Jags suck just as bad in London as they do in America.

Brandon Meriweather is an idiot.

I want to add this, it’s not my typical format for this post but I gotta say it: It’s no secret that I’m not a ‘Hawks fan, but I’m not understanding the big deal about Golden Tate’s excessive celebration. Lots of athletes do it without this type of backlash. Was it penalty worthy? Yes. Bad idea? Sure. But let’s not act like he killed someone on the field.

Sorry for the anemic post this week, hope you enjoyed it though! Thanks for reading!

Questions? Comments? Trash Talk? Tweet me @PatsFanGirl12. I welcome all conversations in 140 characters or less.


2 Comments on What We Learned From the NFL Week 8

  1. You not liking the Seahawks makes me sad.. 😦 I still love you though! Lol


  2. Erica Anderson // November 2, 2013 at 5:12 am // Reply

    I’m sorry 😦 maybe once Carroll leaves I’ll like them more. Love you too!!


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