A Bye Week; What's a Duck Fan to Do?

Here were are Duck fans. Another bye week. Sure, it’s great for injured players and it gives the team extra time to prepare for it’s next opponent- something the Ducks definitely need this week as they prepare to face the much anticipated Tree- but it sure does make for a less-than-fun football weekend right? Well. . .maybe not.

Now that we’ve arrived to the glorious football month of November, there really are a couple things to keep your attention this weekend- starting with tonight’s OSU vs. USC game in Corvallis, which kicks off at 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Even though the Ducks won’t face USC, who isn’t much of threat this year anyway, they will meet OSU on November 29th. Duck fans should definitely tune into to ESPN tonight to get a look a quietly improving Beaver team that isn’t getting quite enough credit in my opinion. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and Google Sean Mannion and Brandin Cooks to see where they stack up nationally.

Need a Saturday fix?

If you call yourself a Duck fan AND you are feeling pretty confident they will make it to the Natty, you best be finding your couch, or your local Buffalo Wild Wings tomorrow at 5pm PST to check out #3 Florida State vs. #7Miami.

Here’s the situation. As you may recall, Florida State was sitting at the #2 spot in the BCS less than 2 weeks ago, until Oregon beat UCLA, picking up some computer  love. The question raised this week among sports media pundits has been “What if Oregon, Alabama (#1) and FSU win out? Then What?” Initially it was believed there would be no way Oregon would get knocked out of that #2 spot, but as the season has progressed, many think it could happen. Though the case seems to be leaning in Oregon’s favor, there is a chance FSU could win over enough of the “humans” to snag that spot- not necessarily likely, but possible. So at this point, it would be ideal for Florida State to lose. The rest of their schedule is pretty smooth sailin’ so Miami might be the hero Oregon needs right now.

Bottom line: Watch the game. It may very well have huge implications for Oregon.

If neither of these games grabs your attention, there’s always catching up on housework. . . or NOT.


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