Happy Florida-Georgia: Gurley, penalties, and a three-peat

The cocktail party shifted to a predicted pity-party that gave both Georgia and Florida fans a fantastic game.

The pity-party nonsense all came about after both Georgia and Florida teams had been wrecked by injuries and both had respective tied records 4-3 (3-2 SEC). Nothing impressive or National Championship worthy type for hype. However, with the bye week and South Carolina’s comeback over Missouri, a slight ray of hope for the SEC East title was still flickering. Now let’s be realistic, A LOT has to happen for Georgia to get back into contender shape.

The Dawgs came out on top and captured the all-important win and three-peat. It was a great accomplishment. 23-20 was the final outcome. Georgia always had the lead and at one point in the third there were tweets going out saying Florida fans were leaving Everbank early. Not too sure if that was the case but with Georgia leading 17-0, it didn’t look like much of a competition.

As most well seasoned fans know, especially if you boast any sort of allegiance to professional and college teams in the state of Georgia, it is NEVER a simple, clear cut win.

I found this tweet amusing while watching. A good writer knows it’s never a good idea to do this. 

It was a classic game with predictable behavior.

The biggest factors came down to Todd Gurley and Michael Bennett returning to the field. Within the first quarter, before Gurley’s first exit, he left the Dawgs on top with 14 points. The remaining points were all credited to a productive special teams, and kicker Marshall Morgan went 3-3 giving Georgia the remaining nine points.

Watching Florida’s offense in the first quarter would have made a Georgia fan grab the nearest stress relieving ball, but in Florida fashion, even with an 82-yard drive they came up not only short, but couldn’t even put it through the uprights. Florida was able to gain momentum by picking up a touchdown after the turnover, then laying Aaron Murray to pick up a safety. The points crept slowly on for the Gators.

The most entertaining part of the game was watching players get mouthy with each other, breaking out into altercations. One specific event with Gurley and UF Fowler drew penalties but set off a spark that lit up the Florida squad and arena.

Flags, on flags, on flags surrounded the environment on the field. All players involved had to be careful not to be called out again due to the new suspension rule. Although for Georgia next week is App State, it’s nice to have all available players ready to go. At one point when delivering the penalties ruling on the field, the official bobbled through the call because of the number of off-setting unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Honestly, I just don’t think they cared at that point in the game. Both coaches made sure to get their starters off the field to preserve them for next week. It was a mess, but it was expected and classic for the Florida-Georgia rivalry.

The stress of the last ten minutes left me with so much tension in my shoulder it was criminal, but it was incredible to see the Dawgs pull off their third win in a row.

Both Georgia and Florida showed their weaknesses but I don’t think it was the pity-party fans and analysts were expecting. If you’re a numbers person, Vegas predicted Georgia would cover by 2.5 points and my gracious they did. It didn’t have that appearance until the third quarter but it all happened. It was great.

I’m excited to see how the next few weeks unfold all around the SEC. The road to the Conference title should be full of turns. Here is my hopes Georgia will be partaking in the excitement.

Until next time Georgia fans.

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