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Last night the CBS show 60 Minutes aired a segment on Nick Saban.  It seems that everyone wants to know the secret to his success.  Even the guy who interviewed him said later that he prepared like he does for all interviews but that he went back and prepared again and again because he didn’t want to disappoint Saban in his questions.  Wow.

As I have said before I believe his success comes from the fact that he is a perfectionist.  He has a routine and a process and those seem to be working for him.  And as long as he can get his players to buy in to it, there will always be success.

What the interview did reveal was a little bit of his home life growing up and what it was like to play football for his own Dad and how that has influenced his life.  Nick Saban is definitely a byproduct of his own father’s search for greatness.  When asked what his father would have to say about all the success that Nick has had at Alabama, he replied:

“No matter what the success level was, there would always be lessons to learn, things that you could do better and he would point those things out.  And it wouldn’t be about the accomplishments, it would be more about how you could do it better.  Which I would appreciate by the way, I wouldn’t take that the wrong way.”

Hmmm, that sounds familiar.  Another interesting point he made and one that I have found in life to be true was about mediocrity.

Nick Saban on mediocrity:

Everyone has to buy in to that standard and “mediocre people don’t like high achievers and high achievers don’t like mediocre people.”  It’s that simple.

And that is why as long as he can get the players, the fans, the coaches to buy in his “process” that we have talked so much about, he will always have success.

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Roll Tide Y’all!  Let’s get ready for some LSU Tigers!

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