Camo, A No Go.

Tigahs, I am heartbroken to report that the fabulous and very unique camouflage helmets you might have seen on twitter, instagram, or anywhere online will NOT be worn this Saturday against Alabama.

lsu camoThe helmets were designed by the Stars of the Duck Dynasty show and have been set up in the LSU equipment room as decoration but all rumors of them being worn by the Tigahs onto the field for their head to head match up with No. 1 Alabama are just that – rumors. Although seeing those helmets grace the Tuscaloosa field and aid LSU in winning against one of our biggest rivals would be an extraordinary sight, it is not one we will be seeing… at least not as of today.

I wanted to be the first to let ya down easy regarding this topic, but also to remind you that the good luck the helmets were designed to bring will grace LSU in spirit as they cross onto Bama turf to play against the Rolling Tide.

In the meantime, don’t forget to pick up a purple and gold “Roll Tears Roll” shirt or anything LSU from our fashion sponsors to rock this weekend and all year round. Remember, every fan loves gear as a gift for holiday season, so check out our fashion and craft section for more ideas on what to give your loved ones!

As always, Geaux Tigahs. I hope to see our beloved football team roll right on past the tide, and I hope to hear about all of you sharing my blogs with fellow LSU fans and friends.

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