It's Homecoming Weekend: Dawgs Welcome App State to Athens

It’s the best time of year on any college campus…Homecoming!

Time to welcome more alumni than usual on campus, extra effort on tailgates, and let’s not forget the weekend long celebration. Here is looking at you, Athens.

The Bulldogs look to take on the Mountaineers of App State, with a 12:30 p.m. kick off, it should allow ample time for Homecoming festivities. However, the Dawgs will be without Arthur Lynch on offense. The Gators left Lynch with both physical and mental bruises.

Lynch was responsible for the fumble that turned the momentum in Jacksonville. It was a big play that cranked up Florida’s offense and scared the Georgia fans to the point of cardiac arrest, or that might just have been me. Anyway, he will sit out and rest.

Even though Lynch will be on the sidelines, Todd Gurley will be out and ready to taken on the Mountaineers. Gurley exited the game late in the first quarter and returned later in the game. Let’s be honest though, if you miss three weeks of regular strength practices and game, you are going to be out of “game” playing condition and Gurley did manage to give the Bulldogs a 14-point edge before heading into the locker room. Gurley is a play-maker and game-changer hands down.

However, if Gurley needs to sit out a few carries J.J. Green and Brendan Douglas will be ready for the mission.

Even with Auburn on the horizon and it being the oldest rivalry in the South, Gurley needs to get playing time in. Watching from the sideline won’t improve cardio. If only.

But on a more celebratory note, and quite fitting for Homecoming, Aaron Murray will be going for his 50th consecutive start against App State. David Greene is the only player to have more starts (52) during his 2001-2004 career as a Bulldog.

Athens should be a lively city and full of excitement coming off a Gator stomping victory and a Homecoming weekend. Enjoy, Bulldawg Nation!

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