What Does A Tiger Have In Common With 2,500 Yards?

Gearing up for the game against Alabama this Saturday is a big deal for LSU players and fans. Amid the stresses, excitement, and anxiety that come with such a high stakes game come a few topics for those of us who love purple and live gold to feast on while we anxiously await the weekend.

One of those topics happens to be LSU’s very own quarterback, Zach Mettenberger, and his attempts to be the first LSU player in history to throw for 2,500 yards or more in back to back seasons. Last fall, Mettenberger threw for 2,609 yards in his first year as starting quarterback, and this year he is a mere 8 yards away from the 2,500 minimum – meaning he currently has 2,492 yards under his belt this season and a few games left to turn that into the 2,500 he needs to be that record setting athlete for LSU.

In addition to his passing yards for LSU, Mettenberger has thrown over 2000 yards in the past as well! Zach came to LSU from Butler Community College in Kansas, where he led his 2010 team to an 11-1 record and being no. 2 in the nation. That year Zach threw 2,678 yards, more yards than what he threw for LSU last fall in his junior year. Not only has he shown his consistency in passing yards in college, but also in high school where he threw 2,106 yards in his senior year.

Clearly Mettenberger spends most of his time as quarterback throwing the ball down the field for other players to run with, but as an LSU fan I have no complaints, especially this year so far! Zach’s shown great improvements in his ability to take time and find the best receiver for the pass, and has also grown in his leadership position for LSU. Both of those improvements have been visible this fall and have aided LSU in their climb up the ladder to the top.

Playing against Alabama is a game LSU fans and players have grown to look forward to, because even if we lose it’s a great game and a huge learning experience. This fall LSU has been listed as one of two teams that are capable of upsetting Alabama’s perfect season, and as a tiger fan through and through I can only cross my fingers, dot my I’s and wear team colors hoping for that to occur. I would love more than anything to see LSU take down Alabama, but I have been fairly modest in my predictions this year because everyone knows that cocky isn’t what gets you the win, it’s based on a lot more than attitude and my attitude is not one that necessarily has much effect on the team. I can wish and hope but in reality it all comes down to the teams and coaching staffs on the field this Saturday. May the best man win… and hopefully that man is Les Miles and the LSU tigahs.

Until Sunday (when I vlog my game recap!) keep loving purple, living gold, and praying for a win!


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