10 Tigahs to choose from

I know I’ve been overflowing your feeds on twitter, facebook, and here on gridirongirl.org this week, but we all know how important this week is for LSU no matter what else happens all season! It is LSU vs. Bama week… and as a tigah lovah I’m already shaking with anxiety over the upcoming game. It could go so many ways and I’m struggling to sleep at night as the game gets closer and closer.

So, in honor of this epic week I have decided to give you a grab bag of LSU goodies. Since I can’t give each and every one of you a literal gift bag full of LSU fun (I’d love to if I could though!!), I will list the top 10 LSU tigahs this year, tell you why I love them, and give you a chance to choose who you think is the most valuable player for this upcoming game against one of our biggest rivals, Alabama.

To kick it off I’ll start with my personal favorite player on the team, and in the league, who you should all know by now is ….

#1 Jeremy Hill—-> One of only two players to run for more than 100 yards in the LSU-Alabama game last year, Jeremy was heavily recruited out of high school for his size and speed. He has proven himself every chance he gets, averaging about 7.2 yards per carry and racking up nearly 1000 yards this season so far. Hill is a big sweetheart off the field, and a confident player on it.

#2 Zach Mettenberger—-> Never mind my slight crush on his scruffy facial hair, Mettenberger’s improvement this season under Cam Cameron gives me great confidence in him and a hopeful heart that he will help pull out a win for the tigahs this Saturday.

#3 Jarvis Landry—> You all saw this coming… right? Ok, Jarvis’ hands HAVE to have glue on them, or sticky double sided tape because he has a hard time NOT catching every ball that comes his way. He runs fast, plays hard, and catches nearly every pass from his pal Mettenberger. These are the reasons I adore Jarvis Landry!

#4 Colby Delahoussaye—-> One freshman I wouldn’t dare give grief. His ability to kick and impeccable scoring on over 85% of his kick attempts fills my heart with great pride and uncontainable excitement as we enter a game against a component that almost always comes down to field goals. We have one of the best legs in the league to kick for us, and therefore I have faith!

#5 Odell Beckham —-> If you add the yards he ran in 2011 to the yards he ran in 2012 it almost adds up to the yards he’s run so far in 2013. What does that tell you? It tells you he has improved his running game, and has seen more time on the field this season. He has nine total touchdowns this year and eight of those are receiving touch downs, which tells me he must share double sided tape with Jarvis ;]. (which is very clearly a joke ladies, they do not use tape, just undeniable talent)

#6 Lamin Barrow—> Throwing a little defensive line at ya on this one folks, Lamin is considered the leader on LSU’s defense after losing eight key defensive players to the draft last spring. Lamin came into the 2013 season with 104 tackles for the Tigers last fall, where he started in all 13 games! Lamin’s size and strength have given LSU a great chance at preventing their opponents from scoring, and therefore I see him as a key player, this week especially.

#7 Reid Ferguson—-> Reid has only ever had one bad snap while playing as LSU’s long snapper, and that was in his very first collegiate game. During the 2012 season he played in all 13 games and handled snaps on all 71 punts and 74 field goals. This year Reid is still rolling deep for LSU as one of my personal favorite players and one to keep your eye out for. Reid got the opportunity in the Georgia game to enter the field as a team captain and has shown leadership skills during practices and many other games.

#8 Josh Williford—> Josh has played both left and right side offensive guard for LSU, started in 19 of the 31 games he’s played in and is the only senior to start on the offensive line for LSU this year. Williford stands at 6’7 and weighs an impressive 343 pounds which makes him more than ideal for the job he does. This coming weekend LSU faces one of the “largest” teams in the league and having size like Williford on our side gives us even more advantage for the game.

#9 Terrence Magee—> Terrence played as quarterback in high school, which shows his level of comfort leading the team and handling the ball. In his time playing for LSU he has moved from running back to wide receiver and back when needed, which shows his versatility. There are many games so far this year during which you might have heard his name mentioned for a great run, or interception. These are the reasons I see Terrence giving LSU a foot up advantage over Alabama this weekend.

and finally #10 Alfred Blue—-> Yes… the fact his last name is a color had a TEEEEENY impact on the fact that he made my list but more importantly, the fact that Alfred is a phenomenal athlete with the stats to back it up is why he made the list. Rushing for 239 yards so far this year, with 41 receiving yards, Alfred has stood his ground as a senior on the team and one of the only returning running backs for the tigahs in 2013. He is consistent and dependable and therefore has been a quality addition to the team since 2010 when he started at LSU.

So now you know who I’m loving, its your turn! Leave a comment, tweet to me, or post on my facebook with which player you think is the key player this week and why.

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Don’t forget to watch the game this weekend against Alabama, and check back here on Sunday for a video recap of my reaction to the game!


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