Big day in Aggieland

This coming Saturday is a big day in Aggieland for two reasons.

1)      It is the last home game for the Seniors.

2)      It is also the last time Kyle Field will look like it does today.

Starting immediately after the game, the construction crews will start this:  (if you have yet to watch the video, you should.  It is pretty amazing).

It has been a fun, exciting, frustrating, and exhausting season –  eight home games seemed like a lot at the start – but it has gone by SO fast.  I really can’t believe we are so close to the end.  It is going to be an emotional day for a lot of people.

Some say it will be Sophomores Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans’ last home game on Kyle as well.  I am holding out hope that they both make the decision to stay another year, so I am going to focus on the seniors instead.

This senior group has been through a whole lot – to say the least.  From a change in coaches (Mike Sherman to Kevin Sumlin), to the move from the Big 12 to the SEC.  Both of which have proven to be positive moves, yet at the time the unknown was a bit scary.  I can’t imagine what was going through these young men’s minds when it was happening.  And now, they will always be a part of the last group to play on “old” Kyle Field.  What a ride their college careers have been!

To these guys – thank you for all the hard work you put in over the years. Thank you for representing Aggieland in such a positive manner.  Best of luck in your future, wherever it may lead.

**photos seen with the players are them with my girls – they have always been so patient with the young Aggies who love meeting them! **

Nate Askew – making the switch from a WR to a defensive linebacker his senior year, Nate made the adjustment like a pro.

  • Follow him on twitter: @Great_Nate9

Kirby Ennis – Defensive Tackle Ennis was injured this year and his presence was missed.

  • Follow him on twitter: @ennisboy42

Nehemiah Hicks – my kids love Nehemiah – and they love his mom too!  Always on the lookout for his mom on game days – she is hard to miss, if you have seen her, you know who I am talking about.  Such a sweet and fun lady! Nehemiah has always been gracious to take pictures with my kids.

  • Follow him on twitter: @FindingNemo81

Toney Hurd, Jr – Toney has been an extremely positive voice of the Aggies this year. He has always represented the maroon and white in the press in a way that makes all of us Ag’s proud of him.

  • Follow him on twitter: @HURDjunior

Steven Jenkins – linebacker Jenkins has made a name for himself over the years. The defense has had some issues this season, but he has continued to step up.

  • follow on twitter:  @DeuceJenks_FL

Travis Labhart – what a story this guy has! From being a scout player on the women’s basketball team, to a walk on player to being awarded a scholarship. Read his story here:

  • follow him on twitter: @Labhart15

Ben Malena – Ben has been so much fun to watch over the years. What an amazing leader he has been to the team.  Here is his 12th Man story:

  • follow him on twitter: @King1Malena

Jake Matthews – thanks to Jake for coming back his senior season.  He got to play with his younger brother Mike and his contribution to the Aggie O-line was immeasurable.  He should continue the streak of the Aggies having a top 10 draft pick, no question. He also visited my kids’ Kindergarten class room and read books to the students – a day they still talk about!

  • One of these days you might be able to follow him on twitter, just not today!

Derel Walker – An exciting target of Manizels, Derel has his share of highlight video. Follow him on Twitter @dee_sky_walker

Tramain Jacobs – one of the few seniors, Defense back Jacobs is leading by example to the younger players. Follow him on twitter: @Tramain_Jacobs

Kyle Serres – place Kicker – follow on twitter:  @Kser

Shep Klinke – Offensive Lineman –  follow on twitter: @ShepKlinke

Gaston Lamascus – WR – follow on twitter: @GatorMane


The Aggies are a young team, but these Seniors all made an impact and will be missed.  Looking forward to welcoming them back next year to the new and improved Kyle Field as fans!


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