Budweiser Clydesdale Horses to lead UTSA Pre-Game Spirit Walk

This’ll be fun for the kids and grown ups alike! This Saturday’s game versus Tulane will have several extra feet on the ground. The legendary Budweiser Clydesdale Horses will be included in UTSA’s Pre-game Spirit Walk. The majestic beauties will begin their journey on Commerce Street. They will then turn on Hoefgen, pick up Coach Coker and the team, and march to the Alamodome.

Don’t be tardy! The Spirit Walk takes place 2 ½ hours before each home game. The horses are tacking an extra 10 minutes on, so the scheduled start time is 10:20. Write that down! Grab the kids, abandon whatever it is you are doing, and get to the North End of the Alamodome, and walk towards Sunset Station. Personally, I like to stand on the brick path, situated between a gated parking lot, and where some Greek organizations tailgate. This spot makes for good photos, too. A lot of people don’t attend the Spirit Walk for whatever reason, but I enjoy it a lot. There’s so much energy and electricity in the air. Fans cheer loudly, the band is playing, the cheerleaders, spirit team, and color guard are all cheering and waving their flags exuberantly. The sights and sounds really heighten the overall ( Alamodome/UTSA/tailgate/team & fan comradery) experience.

Here are the details you need to write down: UTSA v Tulane, Alamodome, 1pm. All Veterans and current service members will be honored during the game. Clydesdale Horses will march down to the ‘Dome, starting at 10:20am. (FOR EVERYONE’S CONVENIENCE, THEY WILL STAY AT THE NORTHERN ENTRANCE TIL 12.) Permit parking lots, A, B, & C open at 8am. Most other ‘pay’ parking lots open between 8 and 9. Park & Ride shuttle services are conveniently located throughout the city.

This game will be locally televised at 1pm, on WOAI.

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