Up next for WVU: Texas. And maybe some bowling?

Honestly, you guys, I’m still a little surprised that we didn’t lose to TCU. I had some family business out of town to take care of last Saturday and I was stuck in the car during game time, so I was unable to watch the game with my actual eyeballs. I couldn’t find a radio station airing the game either (thanks Ohio!), so I had to settle for constantly refreshing ESPN ScoreCenter on my phone. Yelling at your phone in a car is not nearly as satisfying as yelling at your TV. Also, it’s generally frowned upon to consume adult beverages in a moving vehicle so all in all, my game day was LAME. Except for the whole winning thing.

Ok, so we did not lose the game, as I predicted. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m eating my words… maybe more like having a light snack. Because, listen. We barely won that game. We won by a field goal in overtime. That’s not exactly decisive. Our offense improved from below mediocre to solidly mediocre and the defense saved the day as usual. Although interestingly enough, we did manage to rally in the 3rd and 4th quarters, something we’ve struggled to do all season.

So, what happens now? Let’s catch up on all the latest Mountaineer gossip talk.

Bowl Eligibility

We need to win two of the next three games to remain bowl eligible. What are our chances? Well, here’s what the rest of the season looks like:

  1. Texas is up next. We play them on Saturday, at home. Yes, we beat them last year on the road. You know, LAST YEAR when we had a different team and I don’t want to talk about this anymore because it makes me have feelings. We aren’t going to win this one, home game or no. I would go into all the reasons why, but my lovely fellow gridirongirl Becky has already broken it down and there is no reason to mess with perfection. For the record, I agree with her prediction – we are going to lose by two touchdowns. At least.
  2. The following week is Kansas. If I can be blunt, Kansas football is a steaming pile of dookie this year, so if we can’t win this game we should just stop playing football.
  3. After a bye week, we face Iowa State at home. This should be another win. Note I said should be… I will say no more for fear of jinxing it.

So… to sum up: lose, win, win. I think we might be going bowling!

Oliver Luck

For the last few weeks, Mountaineer fans have been preparing for what seemed to be the imminent departure of AD Oliver Luck. All signs pointed to him being a clear frontrunner for the AD position at Texas. Alas, on Tuesday, it was announced that Arizona State AD Steve Patterson was offered the job. Texas president Bill Powers had this to say about Patterson: “…he’s run a winning program at Arizona State that places students first and is committed to their lifelong success.” OUCH! It’s almost like Powers noticed that since Luck has been AD our football team (and basketball team, if you care about such things) have slowly been falling apart. Not that I’m pointing fingers or anything. Ahem.

Ronald Carswell

Remember at the beginning of the season, when I was talking about some of our better offensive players? WR Ronald Carswell’s name came up more than once. However, he was nowhere to be seen last week against TCU, and reports were that he was “suspended indefinitely” from the team. He made the trip to Fort Worth, then was sent home. Now, it appears he has been dismissed from the team for “violation of team rules”. Which, interestingly enough, was the same reason Alabama suspended him in 2011. Listen, if you get a chance to play for the #1 team in football and you blow it, maybe you should make an effort not to blow your second chance, too? Just a thought.

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