Bama Dominates the LSU Tigers

Oh my…I believe the gridirongirl gauntlet has been thrown down.  Tonight Bama rolled LSU 38-17.  It was a tough, hard hitting game just like it always has been and probably always will be.  But it’s funny how much a win can stir things up.   Would you like to know why such a crazy thing would happen?  Because all we know how to do is win and quite simply, people envy that.

I am used to antagonists, I have been an Alabama fan through the good years and the bad, for the last thirty years.  I am just more akin to them being of the blue and orange persuasion but now it seems that it’s coming out in all colors and because of Thursday night, the yellow and green have definitely jumped on the “Hate Bama” wagon 🙂

Say what you have to say, but Alabama beating LSU was the best game I have seen all season long.  To me, the defense looked a tad weak in the first half and Saban agreed.  The second half, you couldn’t find a complaint about Alabama if you wanted too (even though Gary Danielson always manages to find something to complain about).  AJ played an almost flawless second half, the offensive line played the TOTAL DOMINATION game (thank you Kouandjio brothers, Anthony Steen, Austin Shepherd and Ryan Kelly).  TJ Yeldon had the best game he has had all year long; and he kept having it because even though AJ kept giving him the ball and the LSU defense knew he was getting the ball, LSU couldn’t stop him!  Landon Collins stepped up and had one of the best games I have seen him play as well.  Even Adrian Hubbard decided to put his stamp on things with a tackle to bring down Mettenberger that had the LSU starting quarterback crawling off the field in the fourth quarter.  I may would question Les Miles decision to leave his starter in that late in the game with no hopes of scoring enough to win, but then again it’s Les Miles and we all know he’s a few fries short of a happy meal.

To add to all the greatness that made my evening I would especially like to say I love the good sportsmanship that was displayed by Alabama and LSU players.  They are both great teams, they both wanted the win.  But to quote my Dad: Alabama just “had the want to”…meaning they obviously wanted it more…and because of that, they took it and rolled.  It makes me proud to be an Alabama fan even though I get heat from some of my friends, that I can still be a Bama fan with the upmost of class because Coach Saban has taught the players to play with class.  It’s just a southern thing y’all…talk bad all you want but we will just smile and nod back at ya.

Most importantly however, we still have to play Auburn.  They have been doing well and in that game you just never know what could happen.  We took down our giants (Texas A&M and LSU) so for us, Auburn is the last thing that stands between us and another National Championship.  I can’t see anything that Auburn or anyone else could do that would break that “want to” in the hearts of the Tide players.  Or the fans for that matter…seems the Bama fans are the ONLY ONES left chanting “We Want Bama”.

Over and out by this Bama girl….Make no doubts about it…I LOVE MY TEAM.  ROLL TIDE!

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  1. I live in Oregon (full disclosure, I’m an Oregon State fan). Yesterday I saw a guy in an Alabama sweatshirt walking through Target. Dude had a swagger going on and all I could think is how much fun it has to be to be an Alabama fan in Oregon right now.

    Best of luck to you in the rest of your season!

  2. Tracie Marcum // November 11, 2013 at 8:22 pm // Reply

    Ha Ha!!! Well I agree I still get thrown off when I am walking through the store and someone looks at me and smiles and says “ROLL TIDE!” because I am wearing my gear. This year I am getting a lot more of that and I must say I like it! 🙂 Thanks for reading Katie!

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