A Message From Marcus Mariota

After a devastating loss on Thursday to Stanford, it appeared Mariota may have done more damage to his knee, leaving fans to wonder when and if he’d be back this season. This morning, Mariota addressed the media and said he was feeling better and did plan on playing this week. When directly asked about playing against Utah, he confidently responded, “Yes, for sure.”

Marcus also discussed the impact his knee had on Thursday’s game. “My knee is what it is. That’s not an excuse and I’m not going to let it be an excuse. . . I wasn’t at all thinking about my knee.”

I did take a moment to let Marcus know fans were pretty worried about how he was doing emotionally. To the fans, with a calming smile, this was his message:

“I’m good. I’m fine. Not to worry. We’re just going to be fine just like we always have been. We’re going to continue to take it one day at a time and like I said, we’re going to pick our heads up in December and see where we’re at.”

One thing to note however is that Head Coach, Mark Helfrich seemed to dodge several questions about any limitations to Marcus’s mobility and how much impact it would have on the offense. Granted, he isn’t likely going to give any indication about injury-related news, but it did leave some questions moving forward.

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