Video: LSU loss to Bama, Everyone Knows Girls Don't. . .

Instead of making you read a big long rant regarding my heartbreaking Saturday night experience watching LSU fall to Alabama (again…sadly) I made a little video. I tried to make it kinda fun to watch, but it is my very first shot at vlogging so give me a little wiggle room! I’d love your feedback, as always, so be sure to leave comments and tweet to me. I’m also on facebook, so get ahold of me and make sure you tell me your opinion of my video and the game!

I’ll geaux ahead and get to the good stuff, here it is ladies and remember…Geaux Tigahs!

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2 Comments on Video: LSU loss to Bama, Everyone Knows Girls Don't. . .

  1. Tracie Marcum // November 11, 2013 at 9:00 pm // Reply

    I thought the guy was doing the Thriller dance…….bahahaha 🙂 I LOVE YOU TOO K! It was a great game, you are right, just two great teams. I love your videos, please keep it up!!

  2. Thank you Trac! I’ll be sure to vlog more often now, it seems to have gotten a positive response so far :]

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