Homecoming Victory for Georgia

Hello Dawg fans! Sorry for the late post, life got crazy over the homecoming weekend. But enough nonsense – here is what we all took away from the Georgia-App State match up.

One: It was impossible to find on television. Nothing better on a Saturday than finding out your team is on ESPN 3 and generally unavailable unless you are out at a sports bar. However, my faithful ESPN app kept me fully updated on all the happenings in Athens. But regardless, it was another glorious win for the Bulldogs over the Mountaineers.

Two: Arron Murray achieved his 50th consecutive start as a Georgia Bulldog. Murray collected two-touchdown passes, racking his career total to 115 total passes. With that achievement, Murray passed University of Florida’s Danny Wueffel, who lead with 114 during his career from 1993-1996. Murray already topped the list for career passing yardage (12,568) and total offense (12,896). Needless to say, Murray is achieving every possible record before his time as UGA quarterback comes to a close.

Three: More targeting calls on Georgia. Georgia, like many other teams, have felt the sting of the referees and the new ruling change. UGA’s Corey Moore was ejected during the second quarter and sat during the second half. Luckily, Georgia will have all players eligible for Auburn next week. With the new ruling, Georgia has lost many players in the second half this season and penalized with next week first half sit outs. What has Georgia really learned from all these penalties and ejections? It was prettier than the ejection call during the Vanderbilt game but honestly, the new rule has cost Georgia dearly this season.

Four: New kid on the block- so most fans are now learning. Hudson Mason is UGA’s backup quarterback behind Murray. Mason has been at Georgia for four years and made an appearance during the North Texas game back in September. Mason has been patiently waiting for his time on the field – he was able to come out in the fourth quarter for the Dawgs and perform fairly well, going 4-for-4 on his first drive and completing a touchdown pass to Kenneth Towns. He was 11-of-16 for 160 yards overall, but as we’ve seen, in Georgia fashion he also threw an interception. But hey, he will learn to watch his receiver as he becomes more seasoned. Even Murray is known to throw a couple here and there. Life happens.

But overall it was a good show out for the Dawgs’ 45-6 win and they are now bowl eligible. Also, believe it or not, the SEC East title is still up for the taking. It will come down to a couple different scenarios between UGA, South Carolina, and Missouri. We shall see what next week has to offer SEC fans as well as Georgia faithful as we travel to the plains for the “Oldest Southern Rivalry” against Auburn.

So until than Dawg fans. Hunker Down and Go Dawgs.

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