In Which Texas is Finally Ranked

With that exciting, last-minute win over WVU, the ‘Horns move to 6-0 in conference and remain in the pole position. Hooray! And, they are finally ranked in the top 25 after their precipitous fall at the beginning of the season. The ‘Horns came in at #23 in the AP poll and #24 in the BCS standings. Feels good, doesn’t it? Somebody give me a Hook ‘em!

As you’re probably aware, this was Texas’ first overtime game since 1996, when they lost in OT to OU. Should the WVU game have been that close? Nope. We knew there would be some intangibles at play for this game, and the home-field advantage turned out to be huge.

Texas didn’t help itself with the mistakes committed by usually talented players. Fumbles, interceptions, missed opportunities. The ‘Horns are a superior team athletically, but didn’t necessarily play like it. While a “W” is a “W,” sometimes it’s more like a question mark.

The game started with a safety. Not great. WVU did all the scoring in Q1 until about a minute remained on the clock, when Texas managed a field goal. Things were better in Q2, sort of, but Texas went into the locker room at halftime down 19-13. The second half looked to be a real barn-burner, in a good way, but was more of a white-knuckle ride on the log flume of potential doom. There is no way this game should be so close. WVU has a talented RB in Sims, and he punished Texas over and over. WVU’s backup QB came in and torched Texas for score upon score. So, still some work to be done.

Nothing can take away from Steve Edmonds’ heroic play in OT to seal the win. The team should have carried him out on their shoulders, wreathed in oak leaves, showering him with adoration. Nor should we overlook the absolute play-makers for Texas. Well-known spirit animal, Johnathan Gray had 8 carries for 56 yards (I CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW CHECK BACK LATER BUT I MIGHT BE DEAD). Malcolm “Touchdown” Brown carried the ball 28 times for 89 yards and one TD. “Magic” Mike Davis had three receptions for 91 yards and one TD. The workingman’s receiver, Jaxon Shipley, and 7 touches for 82 yards and one TD.

The defense continues to improve, and I sound like a broken record at this point! But it’s true; against all odds they are better each time they take the field. There are some sorta scary games on the horizon for the ‘Horns, but I trust Coach Robinson to keep right on working with this squad to hold on to that coveted first place spot in the Big 12.

You’re probably waiting for me to talk about some of the other things that may have occurred during the game. I understand some players had to leave the field for one reason or another. I haven’t refilled my prescriptions, so I can’t discuss it. However, I will be wearing black for the remainder of the season and will need some time to come to terms with…things. Thanks for your understanding!

Next up for the ‘Horns: Okie State, a team that will definitely put our wounded ‘Horns to the test. Until we meet again, Hook ‘em!

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