Bama Heads in to Muddy Waters at MSU

So the Tide is heading to Starkville this weekend to play the Mississippi State Bulldogs.  In the past, this has been one game that I rarely miss and I usually go to this game because it’s always played around my birthday.  But since they are playing in the great state of Mississippi, I think I will pass and just watch it at home on ESPN.  At least here I don’t have brown water coming out of my faucet and I can actually get ESPN.  Oh yea, and I won’t have to hear those obnoxious cowbells!

I am poking fun at Mississippi, well, because I can…but really, it might turn out to be an exciting game this weekend!  I was pretty much in awe last weekend of the Bulldogs as they held their own against Texas A&M and the Johnny Money I mean Manziel machine.  I mean they have lost four games but all four of those were to really good teams and all ranked teams from the SEC (Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M and South Carolina).  So while they may not be ranked in the Top 25, I am not counting this game out…it could get brutal.

Like I always say “On any given Saturday, anything could happen”.  It’s true, players could be under the weather, not prepared, having girlfriend problems, just a whole host of things.  With Alabama still remaining strong at the top of the polls, every team they encounter wants to take down the giant.  That means that they will be bringing their A game, which also hopefully translates into an exciting game on Saturday!  Of course I still think the Bulldogs will not be able to bring down my Bama Boys.

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Roll Tide!

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