5 Reasons to Be Excited for Oregon vs. Utah

It’s been a tough week Duck fans, I know. Most people I’ve talked to, including Media folks, didn’t even watch much football last Saturday because they just couldn’t face all the ridiculous commentary about Oregon’s loss on Thursday against their new reigning conference foe, Stanford. Ugh.

The week has been filled with what shoulda/woulda/coulda been and back and forth spats about fair weather fan hood. No matter what side of the coin you’re on, I think Crunch Time’s, Justin Meyer, said it best when he described why Duck fans are so bummed right now. Surprisingly, he defended the fact many have almost given up on Oregon Football this year. He explained that Duck fans just need time to grieve. For several years now, the Ducks and their fans have made it so close to that top prize, only to be devastated by unexpected losses. Yes, we support our team, but the repeated “oh-so-close” letdown is hard to swallow. We will get over it. Don’t worry.

Now that we’ve had more than a week to grieve, I do hope most are ready to move on. With Autzen’s long standing sell-out streak in jeopardy, it’s time to rally the troops and welcome our team back to their home field. Trust me, they’ve moved on and have been back at practice, working hard all week. The least we can do is throw up our ‘O’s.” Its time to get back to Winning the Day.

To help spark your enthusiasm for this week’s match-up, here are 5 Reason’s to watch Oregon vs. Utah:

1. You know you’re a true fan.
Although you’ve probably been a little down and maybe even a little angry this week, you know you’re a dedicated fan. It’s tough to face what could have been, but you will NOT join the band-wagoners. You WILL throw on your Duck gear and watch THIS game. You WILL get excited and cheer on your beloved Ducks. True fans know there’s a whole lot more season left, and even if all went downhill (which it won’t), you’ll STILL love your Ducks.

2. The team deserves it.
If you even watched one minute of the last half of last Thursday’s game, you know how much that loss impacted the team. Huff wore his heart on his sleeve, while Mariota crumbled into his father’s arms in the locker room following the game. These guys care (Yes, more than you) and they’ve picked up their heads and headed back to “The Mo.” They’ve been practicing all week and are no doubt wondering if the fans are still behind them. Are you?

3. Interceptions.
One of the most exciting things in college football is watching your defense intercept the ball and this week could bring plenty of that excitement. Utah’s QB has been plagued by interceptions all year and unless he’s worked out the kinks, he’s got to be a little nervous stepping into Autzen to face the likes of T-Mitch, Dargan, Ifo and my personal favorite, Brian Jackson. Bring on the INT’s.

4. Mariota deserves it.
It’s no secret Marcus is playing through some pain. He clearly has a bummed up Knee but in his words, “it’s not an excuse.” He spoke to the media on Monday and made it clear he intended to play this week. Make no mistake, this kid has a heart of gold and is a true competitor. If nothing else, get to Autzen and support this kid. He’s clearly doing his part.

5. Utah beat Stanford.
It’s easy to look at this game as an automatic win that may or may not bump the Ducks up in the polls- other teams above the Ducks have to lose- but it’s important not to lose sight. Although Utah’s overall record isn’t stellar, they were able to pull off a win against Stanford. We could analyze the reasons why all day long, but at the end of the day, they were able to do what the Ducks couldn’t. Not to mention, most of Utah’s losses have been within a touchdown, even against some of the conference’s toughest teams- UCLA, ASU and USC. On paper, the Ducks are the clear favorite but you and I both know there are no gimmes in College Football.

Rise up Duck fans. Be there. Our team needs us. Are you with them?

3 Comments on 5 Reasons to Be Excited for Oregon vs. Utah

  1. Awesome stuff Nicole. Keep it coming…Go Ducks!!!

  2. After the game last Thursday and pretty much the whole weekend I felt like I had just had my heart broke and to make matters worse I live up in Seattle area and work with a bunch of Huskie fans so you know they enjoyed stopping by my office to discuss the game with me. Good thing my office is pretty much all decked out in Duck/Oregon memorabilia so if a Huskie fan wanted to try and rub my face in it at least it was in the Duck Pond.

    I have been a Duck fan since I was a little girl and I won’t give away my age too much but I was around 8 or 9 when my parents to me to my first football game and Danny Fouts was the Quarter back and Bobby Moore was catching passes and I have been a student of the game ever since. I guess what I am trying to say is that we as fans all have our own Duck Pedigree but it really does not matter how long you have been a fan as long as your a good fan. A good fan is there thru the good times and the bad times no matter what you still love our Ducks.

    So I have moved on from the Stanford game as I know the players have and I will be in my seat at kick off to scream and yell for my beloved Ducks and cheer them on to victory.

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