That just happened: Auburn captures 43-38 heartbreaking victory

Not quite sure where to start here Georgia fans.

We all saw it. If you did not have the pleasure to view the play that was heard through the deep south, then just scroll down your favorite social media site. It was heartbreaking, but it was one amazing effort to watch unfold.

The Dawgs looked down and out, trailing Auburn by 20 points going into the fourth, but they weren’t leaving the Plains without a fight. This tie-breaking series match-up was full of surprises and head shaking moments. Auburn now leads the series 55-54-8 with a 43-38 victory over the Dawgs.

First, Mark Richt received a penalty call for unsportsmanlike conduct from the bench. Coach Richt was not having another bad call go unchallenged (Georgia blamed bad calls for the upset defeat by Vanderbilt). Regardless, Georgia had had enough. Richt cost his team a 15-yard penalty but it was well worth it to see him get so fired up.

Another interesting fact about the Deep South’s oldest rivalry is that both teams had issues running into each other. Auburn had the lesser of the two embarrassing plays. Georgia’s mistake will be re-played for days, weeks, and probably years to come- a Hail Mary pass that should have been batted down. Unfortunately, there’s nothing the Dawgs can do about it now.

Even with a painful ending, the Dawgs kept momentum until the end. Arron Murray could not have shown more heart while fighting to stay in the game. He ran in for two touchdowns, one of which put the Dawgs on top 38-37 late in the fourth quarter. Murray has never been known to use his feet but today he darted and stretched to give his offense the best chance to win against Auburn.

However,  with under 30 seconds left on the game clock, former Georgia player Nick Marshall released a 73-yard hail Mary pass that bounced off Harvey-Clemons hands to end up in Auburn’s Ricardo Louis’ possession. His catch will forever be ingrained into the record books. Sadly, the luck was just not in the Dawgs’ favor.

Now that Georgia has suffered four losses, they will finish out the regular season playing Kentucky in Athens this upcoming weekend, followed by a 70-mile trip to Atlanta to face in-state rival Georgia Tech after Thanksgiving. As far as bowl season is concerned, we will have to wait and see how things shake out. For now, feel free to shed a few tears before finding your game face next weekend in Athens!

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