It's Called Big Boy Football Y'all

Down here in the South we play what’s called Big Boy football.  That’s not just a saying, it’s a fact.  The style of play here and the players are just …well, different.  It’s the kind of football that you see schools like Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Auburn playing.  Not really something you see going on in the Big 12 or the Pac 12.  Why is that and does it really make a difference?

I am going to go ahead and say I believe it makes a big difference. The SEC has the last seven straight national titles  (My beloved Bama holding 3 of those).

So what does it really mean when someone says we play “Big Boy” or “Grown Man” football?  The guys probably think we chicks have no idea, but I bet you already knew and just didn’t even know it.  On Saturday, just sit back and watch a few games (like I know you already do) and make some very basic observations.  You will start to say things like “Holy cow, that Austin Shepherd looks like a BEAST!” or “There is no way in heck I would want to have to line up against that Cyrus Kouandjio.”  The point is, these guys are freaking HUGE!  I didn’t break out the calculator but I would imagine the Bama O line packs more pounds than most.  And it’s not just that they are big, it’s that they are also insanely strong. I once watched a video of Bama’s right guard Anthony Steen lift barbells that were 200 pounds a piece- one in each hand…can your man do that?  Probably not.

What else will you see?  Defense.  I know that technically everyone has one, but with scores like 70-10 in the other conferences it’s hard to see any defense at all.  Some people think a defensive game is a boring one, but it isn’t really- not when it’s coupled with a good offense.  In the South, they believe in covering up the offense and dominating the ball on defense.  So you say you have a great QB?  “Well that’s great, but what is he going to do when someone the size of Bama’s Adrian Hubbard (6’6”/252 lbs) gets in his face?”  Typically they will crumble like a cookie, fake injury or cry like a little girl (okay, maybe not that last one, but you get my point!)

Alabama, for example, always makes big defensive plays and will even score in almost every game from either getting an interception or recovering a fumble.  It is not unheard of to see Vinnie Sunseri, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix or even Landon Collins knock someone FLAT.  I mean these guys just LOOK hungry every time they come out on the field.  You will find yourself saying “I would NOT want to be on the receiving end of THAT.”  I rarely see that kind of passion on the defense when I watch other schools, especially schools outside the South.

Since Southern teams always play “big boy” football on offense and defense, I do not see how the Oregon Ducks or even Baylor could take down Alabama.  Or even Auburn for that matter.  I mean, they may be able to hang for a minute, but after about 2 quarters of getting beat up by the big boys on defense, they simply would not be able to hang around long enough to keep putting those points on the board.  I just do not see the scoring machines of the North being able to hang with the pure strength of the South.  So when they say “We Want Bama” I just smile and say “Naw, y’all really don’t.”  Be careful what you wish for folks.  And that, my friends, is my totally unbiased Southern Rebel opinion. 🙂

So occasionally you will hear me cheering for LSU, Georgia or even Auburn and people will say “Uh, I thought you were a Bama fan!?”  And my answer is always the same.  “I am, always have been and always will be; they are first in my heart.  BUT I am for any SEC team that is playing a team outside our conference because WE ARE THE BEST CONFERENCE.  Yes, even Auburn…unless they are playing Alabama.  In that case, Auburn and anyone else Bama is playing is going DOWN!”  And guess what folks? In just 10 days, that is exactly what is going to happen!  More on this to come!

Hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about how the big boys do it, now go put your big girl panties on and watch some SEC football!

Roll Tide!

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  1. Chip Sullivan // November 21, 2013 at 7:06 am // Reply

    I love what you write you are really good at what you do .. Roll Tide Baby !!! & “Let’s Watch The Tide Drown Them Tigers !!!

  2. Jennifer Barnes // November 21, 2013 at 1:08 pm // Reply

    This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read… oh my. ya’ll! Jesus.

    • I agree Jennifer Barnes Completely!!! Grow up Tracie and all you SEC people! Ya you have won 7 straight national Titles but where were you before that ? Exactly Nowhere! You are a Fad, on top now but will be history soon as some other conference will take your place as it always happens so grin and bear it now and get over yourself already!

      • The south isn’t a FAD… Alabama started up football in 1892… and won it’s first title in 1925. Football wasn’t big until the 1960’s and since 1960 Alabama has won 8 of 10 titles. Also kind of funny how majority of football histories title games have been played by south teams and they usually played a mid-west team too… or northeast. Kind of sucks not knowing anything and just expressing an opinion that’s obviously wrong…. I think 100 years in the south of strong football tradition is called tradition…. not a FAD.

      • Tracie Marcum // November 21, 2013 at 5:02 pm //

        I couldn’t agree more!! Thank you Ex!

      • Bay Area Bomber // November 22, 2013 at 1:40 am //

        Actually, college football was big for quite a while before the ’60s–bigger than pro football until the Giants-Colts overtime NFL championship game in 1958. Alabama was a big deal back then, too. For example, Alabama was 4-1-1 in six Rose Bowl appearances between the 1925 season and the 1945 season–when the West Coast got tired of getting beat and tied the game up with the Big Ten. Georgia Tech (then in the SEC), Georgia, and Tennessee (twice) also played in the Rose Bowl during that time. So, yes, college football in the south is a religion…er, a tradition, not a fad. 😉

  3. Tracie Marcum // November 21, 2013 at 2:28 pm // Reply

    Thanks Chip! I figured some folks won’t like this one but it was fun to write! 🙂 Roll Tide!

  4. I get your point, but did you forget Utah whooping up Alabama in the 2009 Sugar Bowl? Did you forget Louisville whooping up on Florida in the 2012 Sugar Bowl? Did you forget that a Texas AM team came from the Big 12 and went 6-0 on the road in its first year in the SEC beating your beloved Alabama? Did you forget that Oregon lost on a fluke play and a last second field goal to Auburn in the National Championship in 2011 and played them better, tougher, and held them to less points than Bama ANY OTHER SEC TEAM ALL YEAR? Did you forget that Clemson from the ACC beat Georgia this year? Did you forget that Towson lost by 2 (12-10) to LSU, really… TOWSON? Did you forget that Mizzou’s 2nd year in the SEC it is 9-1 and beat Florida and Georgia? Did you forget that Bama doesnt play Florida, or Georgia, or South Carolina and their schedule really isnt that tough? Did you forget that the PAC 12 is 12-11 vs the SEC since 2000?

    Dont get me wrong, the SEC is good. But if your acting like they are soooo much tougher and better than anyone else your just wrong. Let’s take a look at the three Bama titles recently.

    1.) Beat Texas WITHOUT COLT MCCOY they have zero offense … uhhh this is nothing to hang your hat on.
    2.) Beat beat LSU who was the worst offensive team TO EVER REACH THE TITLE GAME.
    3.) Beat Notre Dame … again zero offense and despite their 0 loss record, not that great of a team.

    When Bama or anyone else from the big bad SEC plays fast uptempo offenses they struggle and eek out a win or they lose. Plain and simple. Also note how the preseason rankings aka strength of schedule are incredibly tilted in the SECs favor. Georgia, Florida, Texas AM, and South Carolina were all ranked in the top 10 and LSU was #12. Now it is 11 week in the season and NONE of them are in the top 10, LSU is #22 and a few of them, Georgia and Florida, are not even in the top #25.

    The SEC as a whole is a great power smash mouth conference, that is not up for debate. It’s tough for anyone to play their style of football and do better with the same style of play. Luckily there is more than one way to play the game.

    • Bay Area Bomber // November 21, 2013 at 6:58 pm // Reply

      Um…Dr. “Genius,” you *do* remember that LSU, your “worst offensive team TO EVER REACH THE TITLE GAME,” thrashed Oregon 40-22 that year, don’t you? And *why* was Texas “WITHOUT COLT MCCOY (sic)”? Because Alabama’s big-boy defense knocked him out of the game. You also suggest Notre Dame had “again zero offense” and was “not that great of a team.” Tell that to mighty Stanford, who lost to them. You remember Stanford: the team that beat mighty Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Finally, all we heard about the Irish was “ring down the echoes,” “the legend is back,” etc. Ugh! And what shut up all the happy talk? Big-boy defense and grown-man offense. (I think Eddie Lacy just scored again!)

      So, I agree with you that these things are cyclical. The SEC is on top right now, just like the Big 8–now called the Big 12, but actually with only 10 teams (and it’s forerunner, the Southwest Conference) were before and the Pac-10, now 12 (usually when USC is strong) and even, once upon a time (certainly no more recently than the early ’70s), the Big “We can’t count” 10 with its 11, er…12, er…soon to be 14 teams. (Maryland and Rutgers!? Seriously? Were they that hard up to find schools that Indiana and Illinois can beat?) But these things go in cycles. Someday, the SEC will go back down and another conference will take its place.

      But not just yet.

  5. Dr. Genius, couldn’t have said it better!!!

  6. I loved this article because it is what I tell people all the time. Having been an ex player I totally agree with your sight on this and I agree with the title of it as well. It really is big boy football. I’m sorry but Dr.Genius, Rich Hefner, and Jennifer Barnes you are probably just biased obsessive fans who have never played football in your lives so you have no word on anything except your obsessive football disorder. You hit this spot on Tracie. I played at Oregon and dual sported there and there is such a big difference between conference and player (people who aren’t athletes only have an idea, not experience)…. the south standing out way above the rest. They’re what I call fortunate. Always playing a ranked team either every week or every other week(SEC is that good and always teams are moving in and out of the top 25… for a reason). They’re one of the only conferences that still has a tradition with fans that support throughout their lives. Oregon is composed of band wagon people that hate when we get 1 loss = not a fan. The south still pulls in local talent and rarely goes across nation to being in a guy. These boys are grown to play football and dominate for that reason. I love Alabama football to say the least….. they know how to play all 4 quarters as opposed to most teams squeaking out 2 quarters… eh cough* the ducks are a second half team which got them a Stanford loss…. but we lucked out on their loss to USC. I also don’t get how the south can be a FAD… they have some of the longest traditions still going and Alabama is still using it’s old uniforms… Got to love that tradition. I don’t even want to get started on DR.Genius because whatever team you like you are in love and obsessive and I can tell by your post. I’m sorry you’re just wrong in every way. Everything with the southern teams is a flick of the switch. Saying they can play smash mouth but can’t do uptempo…. Oregon is considered the fastest team in the nation right? I’ll take Bama over them any day because they are skilled, big and can moved just a fast if not just a little slower. Alabama is in their own league this year and everyone knows it. If they lose it will be because they beat themselves. Nuff said. Perfect article and any “actual” athlete would agree…. but obviously them biased fans are going to hate on them. Roll tide and WTD ducks. I’m a realist…. not an optimist. Try it lol

  7. Thank you Dr. Genius from myself -my many generations of Duck alumn in my family- and many Facebook Duck fans. This rant is filled with incorrect stats and information and says a lot about the author. Check the height and weight of our Ducks players against Alabama for one. I have a sister who graduated from Alabama. I’m not anti-Alabama. The information should at least be fact if it’s going to be spouted in public. I saw it on Facebook. That is public.

    • Tracie Marcum // November 23, 2013 at 1:27 am // Reply

      Thank you Aim Dawg for reading. If you could point out one, single “incorrect stat” I would greatly appreciate it. I didn’t bother to do the math at the time of the article, and I stated as much. But because of your comment, I thought I would take the time. The total pounds on the Duck O line is 1464 lbs, not including TEs (1947 with TEs) and Bama’s O line weighs in 1539 and tips the scales at over 2k pounds if you add our TEs at 2036. WELL OVER THE DUCK WEIGHT. And that ma’am, is the facts.

  8. Bay Area Bomber // November 23, 2013 at 5:02 am // Reply

    This is priceless: “The information should at least be fact if it’s going to be spouted in public. I saw it on Facebook. That is public.” What planet…nay, what parallel dimension do you inhabit, Dawg? Not to mention that the author pwned you anyway. Well played, Ms. Marcum! 🙂

  9. Dear God! My IQ dropped 10 points just from reading this tripe. And I can literally feel the clock on the women’s movement rolling back as we speak. Thankfully, Ms. Marcum, you are not representative of the average Southern woman and please, please don’t ever speak (or blog) publicly again. My teeth hurt…

  10. Alabama is the best team nation wide all these bad mouthing comments are only because you know she’s right!!! You just mad bc the team you love an live for gets there ass kicked by bama every game they have!!!!

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