Frustrated in Corvallis

Well, Beaver fans, my mama taught me that if I didn’t have anything positive to say I just shouldn’t say anything at all, so I chose to remain silent after watching us lose to USC. We obviously looked a lot more like the team that played Eastern Washington than the team that played Stanford during that game. I was hoping that when we went to the desert last week we could shake it off, bounce back and put both of those games miles behind us. We all saw that it didn’t quite turn out that way, however, and I was thinking while watching that game unfold that I might need to borrow that whiskey soaked t-shirt our gridirongirl Texas blogger was sucking on at the start of the season as the hope of another 9 win record officially went down in flames.

Admittedly, I was actually more worried about our away game against ASU at the beginning of the season than I was about playing Stanford at home. As ASU continued to look better and better, the outcome of our game against the team, who on paper anyway, has the best defense in the conference looked more and more questionable. BUT (yes, my OSU education did teach me not to start a sentence that way but I’m going for emphasis here) I don’t really care that they’ve held the rest of the teams in the conference to the lowest average total yards per game, because we totally could have beaten them.  AND (yes, more poor grammar, I’m such a rebel) we could have beaten USC and Stanford too.  That’s what is the  completely, utterly, totally, absolutely MOST FRUSTRATING THING about having to sit back and watch us lose the last three games is that those other teams did not beat us, we defeated ourselves.

All of us that watched the last three games watched us give the games away to our opponents.  No disrespect to the last three teams we’ve played, as we all know at least two of them are going to finish in the top three in the Pac (and we certainly saw where disrespecting Stanford landed the Ducks), but we could have and should have beaten every single one of those teams.  I am completely convinced that in the twenty years I have been going to Beaver games, I have never seen us have more talent on one team than we’ve had the last two seasons. Yet we keep shooting ourselves in the feet by making stupid mistakes and I just might need that helmet back from last season so that I don’t injure myself when I start banging my head against the wall in sheer frustration.

We have too much talent on our team to be making stupid mistakes.  Sean Mannion is too talented of a quarterback to throw the number of interceptions he’s thrown the last two games.  Storm Woods is too talented of a running back to have people not making good blocks and creating holes for him to get up the middle.  Our coaching staff is too smart to mismanage the clock and continue to keep calling plays (Woods up the middle) that don’t work. We have too high of standards to come out of Camp and off of bye weeks looking sluggish and out-of-shape.  Our corners and safeties are too talented to be getting beat downfield.  Our defensive backs are too good to let rushers continue to get first downs and let quarterbacks scramble and march us down the field.

Brandin Cooks has been making statements the last couple weeks that it’s “gut check” time for the Beavers and has actually been showing that he’s visibly upset by the way the team has been playing.  All I gotta say is that we need more players on our team to adopt Brandin’s attitude and get fired up and do some “gut checking” as well. Last I knew it’s not OK to have players from an opposing team dancing and celebrating in the middle of your field, on top of your school mascot, to your team song during a time out.  No, not OK.

We can’t go down to the Huskies this weekend like we just went down in the last three games.  There are not enough therapists in town for all the group counseling that would be needed for those of us in Beaver Nation if our home season ends that way.  So, Beaver fans, let’s come out and support our little Beavers one last time and hope they can pull it together and defend Beaver Nation and at least make it to seven wins this year.

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  1. Duck fan here but I do agree with you on those games you did lose it was by your own doing as the OSU team from the coaches down to the players are a good team. I am only asking one small favor Please,please beat the Huskies. I live in Seattle and I am surrounded by Huskie fans at work and there would be nothing better than going into work Monday and rubbing their little puppy faces in the stain on the floor.

    • Thanks for the comment and I hope the Beavs are able to represent for the state and help you out with that request!:-)

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