Bama Boys Know How to Hush a Crowd – Iron Bowl Edition

It seems I ruffled some Duck feathers with my last post.  I can’t be for certain but I think I may ruffle some Eagle feathers with this one.

A LOT has gone in Alabama football this week ladies.  Saturday’s game was the final home game for Alabama’s most decorated graduating senior class ever.  Many awards were handed out and they beat Chattanooga 49-0.  Two big contenders for the National Championship fell (Oregon to unranked Arizona 42-16 and unbeaten Baylor to Oklahoma State 49-17) on Saturday and that really shook things up!  Now, for the first time in history, the winner of the Iron Bowl will decide who goes to the SEC Championship.  Read that sentence again….YES, THE WINNER OF THIS GAME DECIDES WHO GETS TO COMPETE FOR THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP. WOW.  So since this is the biggest rivalry all year long, there is more riding on this game than just bragging rights for a year.

Auburn Tigers only have one loss this year and that was to LSU.  You know I regard LSU with a lot of respect because even though I do not like them or their coach or their fans, well, the team has earned the respect.  Last week’s win over the Georgia Bulldogs gave the Auburn Tigers what they need to be ready to beat Bama, to take us out of our number one spot and steal the SEC Championship ticket!

Do I think it will happen?  No.  Why?  I just don’t think anyone has what it takes to beat this year’s Alabama Crimson Tide.  I said it in my last post and I will say it again, I don’t think ANYONE can do it.  Not Oregon (now we will never know on that which just further proves my point on that last blog), not Baylor and definitely not Auburn.  With the shake up last week with Oregon and Baylor and the “Prayer in Jordan Hare” catch last week, it bumped Auburn up to the #4 spot in the AP Poll.  Both teams are ranked in the top 5 for the game this weekend, again, this is HUGE!  This game is going to be a hard fought one.  Some fans even think that it doesn’t matter if Alabama beats Texas A&M or LSU, as long as they beat Auburn every year.  I am not of that variety of fan…but you know who you are.

Also this week, Alabama Fans were voted as the most beloved fans of all time according to USA Today.  So not only is our team great, but hey, so are us fans!  🙂

This weekend I would look for some heavy hitting, trick plays and perfect clock management.  I sincerely hope the nerves get out of the way after that first quarter and Alabama hits their stride.  Most teams get nervous when playing on the road in a hostile environment, but you want to know what our guys think?  AJ McCarron says he likes walking into a stadium like that, doing his job and then listening to the crowd quiet down.  It’s a challenge for him and his team he says, one that they enjoy.

He also had to say this about Auburn:

“I really don’t care what their record is, they’re still the next team in our way.”

Can’t really argue with that now, can we?  I have always had this opinion: On any given Saturday anything could happen.  I have seen it happen many times during an Iron Bowl.  With both teams playing so well this season, who knows what could happen.  I do feel confident that Alabama is the more mature team and that they have what it takes to win the big games, because to them, it’s just another game.  One thing is for certain…if we get the win, well, this ole girl will be happier than a tornado in a trailer park!

So go on and follow me on twitter so we can banter back and forth during the game, come on, you know you want to!



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  1. Great post and well said. Roll Tide!


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