Brandin Cooks for the Biletnikoff! And Oh Yeah, Saving Face in the State

Well, as many have already talked about, no one saw either Oregon team coming in to the Civil War in quite this fashion. Most of us have heard by now that the two teams hadn’t lost on the same day by that many points since 1997, and the Beavers have not EVER allowed that many pts. scored against them in the history of the program–and there were some dark years in that history. A couple of now notorious players on the Ducks team were clear that they didn’t want the Rose Bowl and the football Gods sent back a message that apparently the Rose Bowl didn’t want them either, and the Beavers…well, looked like they were trying really hard to just sit home in December.

I have to admit that being a die-hard fourth generation Beaver, I was practically giddy after the outcome of the Duck game last Saturday as I thought that if the Ducks had now shown that both Stanford AND Arizona could beat them, then we sure as heck had a glimmer of a chance as well.  I practically skipped into Reser Stadium, high on the anticipation of a resounding win over the Huskies.  I mean, come on, watching the Ducks lose and beating the Huskies all on the same day?!?  All Beavers know it doesn’t get better than that.  But alas, it was not meant to be.  Instead we had to listen to dawgs barking and watch Huskies dancing on our sidelines, on our field, in our end zone and probably all the way back up I-5.  And on senior night no less.  Ouch.  Brandin Cooks seems to be one of the few on our team that shows up game in and game out and all of his efforts have paid off as he continues to lead the country in receptions and is sitting right now at #2 all-time in the Pac record books.  Do your part and vote for him to receive the Biletnikoff Award, given to the top receiver in the country each year, by going to: (when you get there scroll down and click where it says to go to the fan vote).  You can vote once a day through December 4th.

Going in to Civil War week, the question once again is not can we beat the Ducks, because if Arizona can, we sure as heck can.  Will we beat the Ducks, however?  After what I watched last weekend in Reser, I am sorry to say that I am feeling highly, highly doubtful.  BUT, I would love nothing more than if the Beavers decided to gather the troops from the Back 40 or wherever they scattered last week and prove me and all the other nay-sayers wrong.  I mean, how awesome would it be for Beaver fans to watch the little Duckies play in, say, El Paso, and potentially get knocked out of the top 25, and for us to salvage a 7 win season?!  Yes, it would be nothing short of miraculous, and at this point a miracle is sure as heck what the Beavers need.

And, for anyone on the coaching staff that might be taking suggestions, here’s my soap box advice to win the day (oh, is that the Duck motto? ;-):

1)  STOP THE MADNESS–no more Storm Woods up the middle and any other plays that don’t work!

2) Chris Brown IS the one that needs to be running up the middle and possibly every where else–reward his good efforts & play him more!

3) If Sean Mannion is having a bad day, Cody Vaz needs to be put in the game!  Come on, it’s his last game, he’s good too and we need ball protection!

OK, I’m stepping down off the soap box now, and between now and tomorrow at 4 will be hoping the Beavs finally do some of that “gut checking” Cooks was referring to and find a way to pull out a win.  Come on Beavs, for the Pac, for the fans, for state pride, let’s BEAT OREGON!!!!!

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