Turkey Day and Egg Bowl Talk–The Best Family Traditions

Family traditions – turkey and dressing; potatoes and gravy; cool whip and pumpkin pie; Thanksgiving and The Egg Bowl.

Discussing and living through the outcome of the Egg Bowl is something of mystical proportions. We talk about the previous Egg Bowl game all year, brag that we won all year, toot our own horns. We get pretty worked up about it, to say the least.

Friendships dwindle after high school if some friends go to “the wrong school”. IF the friendship lasts and they visit that other university’s campus, it’s so hard to like the beauty of the city and the campus. The only thoughts in our minds are, “this is so wrong. I can’t believe I’m tainting myself with the sins of this city”. It’s so easy to find something wrong with every-THING, every-WHERE in ‘TSUN’ city. 😉 Weddings involving State/Ole Miss couples are so complicated, many think it should be outlawed. Some families actually HAVE written their own family law, banning dating someone of the ‘outlawed university influence’. It’s just better to know from Day 1 (ONE, UNO, UN) that Starkville is the land of God’s preferred people; the place where He spent a little extra time perfecting. Anyone else with different thoughts is just screwed up in the heart, mind and soul. (Bless your hearts. We continue to pray that you will have a Come To Jesus Moment, and realize your weak points in life.)

Ahh, yes, it’s that time. The annual Thanksgiving Day match-up between Mississippi State Bulldogs and Ole Miss Whatever-they-ares.

On Thanksgiving, when all the aunts, uncles and cousins come together under one roof, we get to talking immediately. We talk about the coaches, how that play was ridiculous! How we were robbed! How the referees were obviously payed by a booster from Ole Miss! Then the hypothetical talk comes in (which is like a good game of Monopoly–it could go on for hours and hours) until the loudest and most spirited person gets the last word and Mama calls everyone to the table. Amongst the passing of the green bean casserole, turkey, giblet gravy, sweet potatoes, and canned cranberry sauce, hearts are surely still pounding. We are muttering, maybe even sweating, about what Uncle Steve or Cousin David just said. We hold it in until after dinner, because Mama wants to talk to everyone and catch up with the grand kids. It would certainly be disrespectful to Mama to argue and hash out these things in front of her.

Dinner is delicious, the pumpkin pie is perfect, but underneath the gratitude are afterthoughts of words spoken in the living room. Does Cousin D really know what he’s talking about? Do we need to watch a clip of the replay to prove I’m right? And what about Coach Mullen? How many years does he have left? Should he be fired if we don’t go to a bowl game? The quarterbacks! We could talk for hours about the three quarterbacks State has played this year. Russell, Prescott and Williams, all with such different throwing styles and field presence.

Now the big decision happens. Do we stay at Mom’s and watch the game? Or do we go back to our own house to watch, (and critique and yell and dance) in our own living room?

About Laurie (43 Articles)
A true southern girl at heart, Laurie was raised to love football. Her years at Mississippi State really developed her passion for everything gameday: Getting primped and polished in über-cute outfits, tailgating with new and old friends, fans clanging cowbells with great exuberance while the Bulldogs play great football inside Davis Wade Stadium. Laurie is a huge fan of Coach Mullen, his wife, Megan, and the team he has built. Could this team have a Heisman candidate??… After moving to Texas and marrying a fellow football fan who graduated from UTSA, she was thrilled when UTSA announced its plan to build a football program. The Athletic Director, Mrs. Lynn Hickey, has done a phenomenal job and has a large fan following, including Laurie. Laurie has been a season ticket holder since the first season, and has loved watching the team grow. Laurie loves to be crafty at times. Hand-painted glasses for both teams fill her cabinets, team wreaths hang on her front door. Her blue and orange feathered sombrero makes it to every UTSA game, loud and proud. Laurie has a B.S. in Marketing, and a Minor in Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising from Mississippi State University.

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