Underdog You Say?

Rarely are the Patriots an underdog. They’re usually the team to beat. The team everybody guns for because beating them means you beat the best. I’m not being arrogant; it’s just the truth. Last night, however, the Patriots were the underdog and we proved just how dangerous it is when you relegate us to the position of not as good as you. They were playing the best team in the AFC with Peyton Manning at the helm and former Patriot Wes Welker catching his passes. I italicize catching because Welker caught 4 passes last night; our defense did a good job of shutting him down.

I don’t know if you caught the game or not, but it was a thing of beauty. Well, that beauty didn’t appear until the second half but when it did, oh man it was a thing to behold.  Wait, I got ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

The game started with the anxiety and hope that the Patriots could win and prove themselves and not get behind. The game started with Manning and Co. getting the ball first and going just about 3 and out. Then the Patriots proceeded to turn the ball over 3 times in a row and the defense’s inability to stop Manning and Moreno from accumulating 24 points by half. It was frustrating and puke inducing. It was time to throw water bottles, stomp my feet, and jump on my couch like a 4 year old being denied their cookies. I just about did all of those things, too. There’s a reason I don’t watch football with people other than my husband and last night proved that.

I won’t go play by play, but the Pats came out 3rd quarter and scored right away and then kept on scoring. They scored 28 unanswered points and then regulation ended with a tie at 31. OT was stressful and when a NE punt hit Denver Bronco T. Carter and bounced off, the Pats recovered and set up a 31-yard Gostkowski field goal for the win.

As football fans you guys understand the thrill of the game. How amazing it is when you come back from behind to win a big game. You also understand how big of a gamble that is because sometimes that come back doesn’t work out.

Win or lose though I still would’ve decked myself out in my Patriots gear on Monday. I’m just glad that day, my gear won’t get me comments that I might have to shank somebody over.

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