That's All, Folks!

You guys, I just can’t anymore with this season. Seriously, that loss to Kansas took what little wind was left out of my sails. (Kansas! Gah!) Despite all the problems with WVU football, I simply cannot believe that we are going to end the season with a losing record and no bowl invite. No bowl invite for the first time since 2001.

I didn’t post after the Kansas loss because there was really nothing left to say that I haven’t been saying for weeks now. We lost because we suck. The season is effectively over. It really doesn’t matter if we win our last game or not. BECAUSE NO BOWL GAME.

I didn’t post last week because, thankfully, we had a bye week. Which was good because I used up all my sad feels watching my husband have his heart broken as his beloved Ducks fell to RichRod’s U of A Wildcats. Oh, the humanity!

Anyway, I will be posting later this weekend – so join me as we play round two of the Blame Game and discuss just how terrible next season is going to be.

(Hint: Don’t suggest firing Coach Holgorsen. Apparently his contract buy-out would be astronomical).

Up next: Our thank you baby Jesus last game of the season against Iowa State – Saturday at 4pm on Fox Sports 1. Watch it, or you know… don’t. Whatever.

“Let’s Go………. Mountaineers”, she said, halfheartedly.


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