Texas is Back in the AP Poll! We Got Our Christmas Goose Early

Happy Holiday Season, football fans! Hope you had plenty of calorie-free food and fellowship over the Thanksgiving holiday. Hey, whatever you eat on Thanksgiving is calorie-free. That’s just science.

Also, Happy Hanukkah! We won’t have a Thanksgiving and Hanukkah convergence for like another 33,000 years. Enjoy!

We all got our gift from the Great Turkey—Texas stuffed the Red Raiders, 41-16. It was a complete game for the ‘Horns on both sides of the ball. In my pre-game predictions, I said it would come down to the offense. I was sorta right—Texas hung 41 points on the hapless Tech defense. But the Texas D! Oh what a night! Even with an injury to Steve Edmonds, the defense put on a show we haven’t seen this season. It’s clear Coach Robinson did some work in the trenches. Jackson Jeffcoat is player of the year, in my opinion. He was everywhere, especially in the Tech QB’s face. Nine combined sacks for the Texas D! NINE! I came away impressed.

Tech was pass-happy as usual, with 302 yards through the air. That’s a lot. However, those yards didn’t translate to points. Tech only rushed for 94 yards. An unbalanced offense can be had, for sure. Texas’ approach on offense was far more balanced—182 yards passing, 281 on the ground.

It’s worth mentioning that Tech was penalized 11 times for 102 yards. Texas had six penalties. Not great, but not 11. Not surprising and sort of expected for the Red Raiders.

Something else worth mentioning: In their four previous losses, Tech managed to score 25+ points on Oklahoma, Okie State, K State, and Baylor. Texas held them to 16! Awesome.

The ‘Horns are 7-1 in conference. So are Okie State and Baylor. The next week will define the Big 12 standings. Texas needs to beat Baylor, and Oklahoma needs to pull off a miracle and beat Okie State. That’s the only path for Texas being on top of the Big 12. Even if Okie State wins, a Texas win over Baylor would still put them in a prime position for a good bowl game. And, the ‘Horns crept back into the AP Top 25, ranked 23rd. No word on the BCS Standings, just yet. Fingers crossed.

Let’s talk about some other games that went down over the holiday weekend. My #2 team, the Oregon Ducks, pulled out a squeaker over Oregon State. Well-fought game by intense rivals. The Ducks were heavy favorites, but as we should remember from the days of Texas vs. A&M, these rivalry games chuck everything out the window. It’s a free-for-all on many levels. The winning TD by the Ducks was worth watching. Great pass, great catch, victory.

Other games were decided by the slimmest of margins. Did you see Ohio State and Michigan? Especially the brawl? That was exciting, and resulted in ejections. Not something you see every day. Michigan manhandled the undefeated Buckeyes for most of the game, tying it up in the waning seconds. I assumed they would kick the extra point and head into OT. Nope, they gambled it all…and lost. Went for two, but didn’t convert. So Ohio State remains undefeated, and is a likely candidate for the BCS Championship.

In case you were under a rock yesterday, ALABAMA LOST. They lost the Iron Bowl to Auburn in one of the best college football games I’ve ever seen. There is no love lost between me and the SEC. But wow, games like that are why college football was invented. Intense rivalry. Back-and-forth scoring. The winning TD by Auburn is an instant legend. If you didn’t see the final play, with one second remaining in regulation, score tied…go watch it now. It’s amazing.

Unfortunately for ‘Bama, they have issues with their kickers. And unfortunately for their kickers, the ‘Bama fanbase knows how to find them on Twitter. The kickers—remember, these are college kids—received death threats. Generalized threats. Invitations of an unseemly nature. Really, really uncalled for. We get it, ‘Bama fans. Winning at football is your “thing.” But it’s not worth this level of downright ugliness. Get yourselves together!

So with Alabama’s loss, the two remaining undefeated teams are Florida State (or, Free Shoes University) and Ohio State. Barring some disaster, these should be the two teams in the BCS National Championship. Do you understand what this means?

For the first time since the 2006-2007 season, it looks like there will be a BCS natty without an SEC team. And I’m super glad about that.

Enjoy the rest of your time off! We will meet again soon to discuss the upcoming game against Baylor. Until them, Hook ‘em!

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  1. There is a mountain of coverage of that Auburn final second play, but the stark difference between the Auburn announcer and the ‘Bama announcer was also astonishing. It’s exciting football however you slice it, but the Auburn announcer sounded like he was about to pass out.

  2. Way to go ‘Horns. Baylor looks tough, but TCU seemed to have part of the formula. They didn’t look quite so formidable. Maybe with some decent offense and the D holding back the Bears’ scoring machine, this is winnable. Hook ’em!

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