5'Peat, GAMECOCKS Take Clemson Down!

Boy does it feel great right now to be a gamecock fan in the state of South Carolina.

After months and months of practice, the Gamecocks stepped up to the plate and took down the Clemson tigers, for the fifth year in a row. It’s been a long couple of weeks as both teams have been watching one another and of course both teams’ fans have been doing nothing but trash talking one another. This of course is always the biggest rival game that we look forward to each year, and this year, I’ll admit I was a little worried. But my gamecocks prevaled and took down the Clemson tigers, 31-17.

There wasn’t much to say as Clowney and of course, Conner Shaw, both showed up this game, and did one heck of a job! Watching the game was very intense, as the gamecocks kept their fans on their toes the whole game. Steve Spurrier walked off the field after the game holding his head high because once again he handed Dabo another loss to Carolina.

Although this year’s team is filled with Seniors and we will be losing two very important people, Conner Shaw and Clowney, they will be missed greatly by the gamecocks. But as they leave, they can hold their head high and know that they never lost a game to Clemson! As we lose our star Quarterback it’s safe to say that we won’t have to start over or find someone new because our second-string quarter back will be stepping up to the plate, and will come through for Carolina just has he has throughout the season.

It has been one heck of a seaon, and I couln’t me more proud as a gamecocks fan! We may have started off rocky but we gathered our thoughts and finished the season 10-2. We took down the #4 team in the nation, and we took the title of the most winnings at home in the nation- 18 in a row! We also have the best quarterback, way to go Conner Shaw! The Gamecocks really came out this year and showed their true colors, Garnet and Black!  I can’t wait to see the bowl games and watch the gamecocks, hopefully, prevale once more this season!


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