Mariota on Alamo Bowl and Decision to Return in 2014

This evening, Oregon was selected by the Alamo Bowl to face off against the Texas Longhorns- a team they last met in 2001. Mariota spoke to Media this evening saying the selection was “An honor and a blessing.” When asked if there were any concerns about the team rallying for this game, Mariota shared that the “For the most part, guys are going to be excited.” He went on to compliment the Texas Longhorns by referring to them as one of the “Most Traditional programs in the country.”

Mariota was asked about any disappointed about not being selected for a BCS game (some projections put Oregon in the Sugar Bowl against the Alabama Crimson Tide). Before again showing gratitude for Oregon’s selection by the Alamo Bowl, he replied,

“To be Honest, it was tough and it was unfortunate, but we’ve put ourselves in this situation.”

In the midst of the Alamo Bowl questions, Mariota did open up a bit about his recent decision to return to Oregon next year. He acknowledged making the decision, along with his family, was tough, especially because the “finances” would have helped his family. But in typical Mariota fashion, he shared how much the memories and experiences yet to come were important. He added that

“The community and University mean a lot to me and I’m glad I made that decision”.

Looking ahead to the match-up with Texas later this month, Mariota said the team was practicing well and was really focused, adding they just had one of their best practices. In regards to his knee, Mariota said he’d like to think he’ll be a hundred percent, but he couldn’t predict how his body would feel 3 weeks from now.

When asked about improvements needed to be made in the next three weeks, Mariota noted Chemistry, Rhythm and taking care of the ball. Again, in Typical Mariota fashion and being the leader he is, he referenced his own fumbles and interceptions in the last couple of games. Now if that’s not the humility, I don’t know what is.

Welcome back Marcus, welcome back.

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  1. I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t disappointed with the Alamo Bowl. But I am very proud of the Ducks. Another 10 win season. And the losses by Alabama and Ohio St. Shows how difficult it can be to be perfect in a season. I went to Oregon from ’86-90 and I have to keep reminding myself of how far the Ducks have come. I just hope Helfrich learned from this season and brings back the importance of Win The Day mentality. Go Ducks!

    • Agreed Robert. I think it was a good learning year for sure. I do think they adopt that mentality for the most part, but with so much pressure and expectation on the guys, I think it gets tough. They know what people expect at this point, and they also know they are capable- I do think they fully thought they’d make it all the way, even though in theory, they were focusing on one game at a time. When they were caught off guard by Stanford, I think they got a little derailed. I have full confidence they’ll be back in it next year and will have learned from the end of this year…and how to (as marcus puts it) play through adversity. Go Ducks

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