See You in Nola, Sugar!

So now that the regular season is over and all of the chips have fallen where they may, it appears that Bama will be making a trip back to Nola, this time for the Sugar Bowl to play Oklahoma.

Alabama (now ranked 3rd) will be playing 11st ranked Oklahoma.  It may seem like a lack luster finish to some, but as usual, Coach Saban put it best when he said  “Even though there is some disappointment in terms of how we finished our season this year, we’re not disappointed at all in the opportunity that we have to play in the Sugar Bowl and to play against a great team,” As always he ended with an inspiration of improvement by adding “I’m hopeful that our team will look at this as a challenge and an opportunity for them to prove the kind of football team we can be.”

I honestly felt this was a great team and I feel like all year long, they played their very best.  Coach Saban, the ever wise leader, is all about building character in his players and this chance is no different.  I believe he is using this whole Sugar Bowl game as a character building, ‘show me what you got left in ya boy’, kind of experience.  Imagine that.  Isn’t that what he does for every game??  Yes.  And doesn’t it work like 99% of the time?  Well yes.  Then I say GO WITH IT COACH!  This is their legacy, it’s in their hands on how they want to leave it.

And while I wanted Alabama to play Oregon in some kind of Bowl just to shut some Ducks up, it won’t happen and we will go on to play Oklahoma while Oregon goes on to play another gridirongirl favorite Texas in the Alamo Bowl!  I am sure you may see some gridirongirls hashing it out on twitter this Bowl Season!  Yikes, put your big girl panties on ladies!  (Trust me, it’s all in good fun)

So long for now, let the many score predicting articles take place, but for now I will see ya in Nola, Sugar!

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