Throwback Thursday: Egg Bowl edition

Well, my fellow Internet friends, in tribute to the ‘Throwback Thursday’ trend y’all like, I’m doing a throwback….more like a heart-pounding, grey-hair-inducing, nail-biting recent memory, but hey, we’ll just call it ‘throwback’ to stay trendy.

Approximately 2 weeks ago, 384 hours ago, I was in a deep DEEP panic. After the turkey dinner was done, it was time to watch the game I’ve been thinking and talking about all day. Anxious to watch the game (AWAY from the parents, but amongst mindlike individuals), I set out to find a social taphouse whose TVs are tuned to ‘the game’.

Mind you, I’m leaving the house after the game started, which means I’m MISSING part of ‘the game’ with every block I drive. (Actually I’m not driving, someone else is, but he shall remain anonymous. He likes to drive. Slow. Slowly around the city. And look at Christmas lights. And pull up maps on his phone. Which means pulling over. Stopping. I’m grinding my teeth and twitching my foot. A nail may have dug in to my husbands leg while ‘anonymous “he”’ gets frustrated bc the map is disoriented. OMG OMG OMG) Success finally! Some hole-in-the-wall social house is open, i.e. not my kind of place, and I jolt out of the car probably a little rudely. But understandably.

The TV is not on!!!!! I grab the remote from the bartender, flip through the channels, give an egotistical, chauvinistic pig the worst look I’ve ever given, as he comments, “Hey! Who let some GIRL have possession of the remote?!? Hahahaaaa!” Dude. Don’t. Even. Try. Thankfully one of my trusty sidekicks orders fireball shots whilst I’m going grey. (Yuck, btw)

Alright, everything is getting good again. My Bulldogs are on the big screen, I have a drink on the rocks in front of me, and the score is still 0-0. I’m watching intently, once again probably being a little rude and non social to my sidekicks, and once again, understandably.

Our freshman quarterback, #14 Williams, is in the game. It’s the 2nd Q. He’s looking good. Much more confident and comfortable on the field, ball in hand. There’s a lot of action in this game, as rivalries always are, even though there is no score. It seems I just missed seeing the other team’s kicker preventing 3 points by hitting the upright. Whew!! We’re playing well, and so are they. Their QB, Wallace, manages to throw his 3rd interception of the first half. Bulldogs are in scoring position! Williams ran for 29 glorious yards, Robinson ran 1 yard, and TOUCHDOWN, DAWGS!! Nothing happens in the other teams hands in 4 downs. Or ours. Bulldogs punt from the end zone. Wholly crap he didn’t get a good hand on the ball!!! It wobbles, he gains control, kicks. But by this time it is enough time for his kick to be blocked. UM scores 6 by recovering the ball in our endzone. DedGumIt! Half time score is 7-7.

Half time. Time to actually talk to my trusty cohorts. I look around the room to see that this really isn’t our kind of place, but ya know what? Who cares!! Game is on TV. Actually, we are feeding off of each others emotions, so it’s all good. Here we go, third quarter!

UM’s Wallace obviously had a couple b-12 shots, or something, bc he’s firing darts! They score a field goal, and we get a measely 13 yards of offense in the 3rd Q. Nerves set in.

“Come on, Dawgs, you can’t fail me now! You got this! You. Got. This!!” With UM up 10 to 7, and being in the 4th Quarter, I get slightly, (read: too-much-for-me-handle) nervous. Our starting Freshman QB Williams, must not have gotten his b-12 shot, because he is dwindling fast. (Although, to play under this pressure, he has played kind of phenomenally) The game could be quite ugly, and against our favor right now. And so, our savior is warming up on the sidelines and gets back in the game. Dak is back! Dak’s in, y’all! The offense is in the groove. We get in field goal range, and tie the game, 10-10. Trouble is, the game is coming to an end. It’s almost over. We’re still tied. With under 2 minutes in the game, Prescott threw an amazing pass to De’Runnya Wilson (I love that name), putting us in field goal range with 2 seconds left!! “This is our game! The Egg is ours!!” My husband and I are trading the famous “Maroon! White!” chant with nervous excitement. And, the FG is no good. No good.


I thought it was especially sentimental, that, for the overtime coin toss, injured Senior QB Tyler Russell, went to the field and made the call. This is his last-ever game for MSU. He did not use his right arm at all, by the way.

State was very quick to move the ball. Prescott, as he is famous for, ran 16 yards, then threw for 14 more yards. On 4&1, we score!!! 17-10!! Our glorious night was complete and much more sweet when UM’s QB ended the game with a 4th turnover.

Final score is 17-10!!!

The night is great after all, we scream for our team, do our own little ‘Dog Pound Rock’, and call Mr. Anonymous for our ride back home. What a memory. Great times, indeed.

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