What We Learned From The Last Week Of The NFL Season

Before I dive into the excitement that was week 17, I have to say that I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL. No excuses here, just apologies. I hope there are people out there still reading. Don’t worry I didn’t die or get horribly disfigured in some unfortunate accident that rendered my eyes and hands useless. I’m excited to write and cover these last bittersweet moments of the NFL season. Stay tuned because these next few weeks are going to be EPIC! So without further adieu I give you my sarcastic and mostly funny opinions on week 17.

The NFL is having an every coach must go sale.

The Jets are dumber than I thought they were- they decided to keep Rex Ryan for next season. Their stupidity has now reached EPIC proportions. This notion of theirs ranks up there with New Coke and Miley Cyrus’ haircut.

The Redskins will regret firing Shanahan.

The Bucs will not regret firing Schiano.

It’s about time Schwartz got fired. Hopefully Stafford is next.

Chip Kelly got lucky. Go ahead. Send the hate mail.

Being the reigning Super Bowl champ doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a playoff spot, especially when you sold most of your defense to overpay your QB.

The Bears would be better off without Cutler. No seriously, my son could do what he’s doing in Chicago. Which by the way is whining and losing.

My Patriots officially have to be the most injured team in the league.

Begrudgingly said, the Broncos are an amazingly impressive football team this season.

The Cowboys are not.

People better watch out for the Bengals, they’re sneaky and could end up surprising everybody.

The Texans would be the winners of the coaching lottery if they manage to snag Bill O’Brien. Dude is an amazing coach.

The Redskins will find themselves going the way of the dodo, I mean the Cowboys, if they continue to let their owner make on field decisions.

The Bears broke Rodgers’ collarbone and then he broke their hearts (got that from a meme on Facebook. It rocks).

The replacement refs snuck back into the league and have been masquerading this season. It’s the only explanation.

The Redskins won 3 games this year and everybody still managed to hype RGIII like he’s the second coming of a football god. Get real people, he pretty much sucks.

Well there you have it my faithful readers, my take on week 17. Stay tuned next week for my coverage of the first round of the playoffs.

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! It made me laugh ty 🙂

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