gridirongirl Gets Her Feet Wet at Gildan New Mexico Bowl

December 21st, 2013 Washington State took on Colorado State in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl. What should have been an easy win for WSU after CSU’s first quarter slacking wound up a depressing loss. The Rams took their 15 point deficit and turned it into a 48-45 win against Washington.

This game does not fit under my typical blog topic, LSU, but it’s special to me and relevant because it was my very first Bowl Game spent in the press box. I snagged media passes from a family friend and Gildan New Mexico Bowl rep for ESPN and was able to take my friend Aubre with me to snag some press conference interviews post-game, lots of photos, and much more.
Needless to say this game was definitely one to remember for more reasons than one.

During the game I was able to talk to some fans and ask questions about football and many other topics.
Here’s the fun responses:

*I conducted a quick survey of 20 fans (a mix of WSU and CSU fans alike) asking which team had better looking cheerleaders. The results were a 2 vote lead for WSU.

*When asked which player on their favored team a girl would be most likely to go on a date with, the responses varied but offensive players were the most frequent choices. (Sadly, most girls couldn’t name one player on their team and stuck mostly to describing the position they’d be most interested in). Three girls from WSU chose offensive players while 2 CSU girls stuck with the brawn of their defense.

*I conducted an interview with an unbiased fan named Brianna C., from UNM, at the game because it was located at her home stadium and her responses were as follows:

When asked what her favorite part of watching college football was, Brianna said “First of all I love the atmosphere and how dedicated the fans are. Secondly, college players are trying to make it to the next level so you can really see their hard work and dedication on the field. Also, I’m always excited to see the uniforms. Oregon’s are my favorite but that goes without saying.”

When asked which team’s cheerleaders are hotter, she responded: ” I would have originally said Colorado’s cheerleaders because I used to cheer and live in Colorado, haha. But I was actually impressed with Washington State’s cheerleaders because they weren’t wearing their warm ups, even though it was freezing. So I give them props for that!”

I asked her to predict the final score (at halftime) and she said: “With the way the game was going, I thought that Washington Sate was going to win, but life is full of surprises. And good ones at that, because I was rooting for Colorado!”

I was able to grab a CSU player after the game for a quick interview in which I asked some. . . personal questions ;]

photo CSU
*What do you wear under your football pants?
-Uhhh compression shorts
*Have you ever gotten in trouble talking to people in the stands during a game?
-Haha oh no.
*What holiday traditions are you most excited for this season?
-Uhh well the traditional ones, opening presents and good food.
*What’d you ask for for Christmas?
-Ohh nothing, I don’t need anything.

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As always geaux tigers and congrats to CSU on another Gilda New Mexico Bowl victory!

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  1. Tracie Marcum // January 3, 2014 at 5:05 pm // Reply

    I LOVE YOUR INTERVIEW QUESTIONS!!! This is greatness!

  2. Thank you Tracie!!! Gotta keep everyone on their toes ;]

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