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Well, the Beavers 2013 football season is now in the record books and Brandin Cooks and Scott Crichton have both declared that they’re going to join Sr. Rashaad Reynolds in the NFL Draft this spring and will not be coming back to join Beaver Nation for their senior year. The loss of both players will obviously be felt at all levels of the Beaver football program and there isn’t a Beaver fan out there that isn’t sad to see them go, but Brandin Cooks’ decision to leave is understandable given that he’s pretty much already reached the pinnacle of his college career in three short years.  Brandin was gracious as always in making his announcement to leave, and he will take his place in Beaver history with the likes of Keaton Kristick and the Rodgers brothers and many others who we will be forever proud to call Beavers not only on, but off the field as well.  It is sad that Scott Crichton did not choose to add another year to gain more experience, but right now he is projected to go in the 2nd round of the Draft and no doubt comparing this year to next year’s draft played a role in his decision.  As of today, Cooks is projected to go in the 1st-2nd round, at the 38th spot, ironically the 7th projected WR to be picked despite being the Biletnikoff winner.  Let’s hope when the time comes he gets a little more love. Crichton is sitting in the 61st spot and Rashaad Reynolds is projected to go 174, in the 5th round.

As for the rest of the team and the team as a whole, they showed up and played a good game in Hawaii on Christmas Eve, much to the relief of Beavers fans everywhere, and salvaged a winning season against a good Boise State program on national television in front of two prominent ESPN announcers who finally sat down and watched us play a game and gave us some credit where credit was long overdue.

With the exception of Washington State, who fumbled an unbelievable number of times and managed to give up a 15 pt. lead in the last two minutes, and Stanford, who got beat by most likely the best defense in the country, the rest of the teams in the Pac 12 (OK, with the exception of ASU who we’re not even going to talk about because they looked like us playing the Huskies in their bowl game) took care of business and pulled out wins for the Conference.  Not too bad.

Looking forward to next season, the Conference is going to be TOUGH.  Washington with former Boise State Coach Peterson at the helm is going to begin to re-establish their position as a dominant team.  USC, who has gone through three coaches this season (really?) is obviously hungry to be back on top as well.  Of course how can we forget the feathers to the south, the current conference champions, and a Sun Devil program that made an amazing run this year?  Colorado also has themselves a really good coach and is also on the rise, and Washington State’s on the comeback as well.  We all need to stay tuned because the Pac in 2014 is going to be tougher than ever and our Beavers are going to need to rise to the competition.

We have a lot of great players, including Sean Mannion , DJ Alexander, Michael Doctor, Storm Woods, Terron Ward, Victor Bolden, and Richard Mullaney that will be back next year who are hopefully going to do great things.  All we can do for the next eight months is cross our little Beaver paws and hope for the best.

In the meantime, I want to end with a shout out to two players who, in my opinion, are probably the two most underrated players of the season and who deserve a little recognition:  Mr. Ty Zimmerman and Mr. Jabral Johnson of Lawton, Oklahoma.  Even though we didn’t read about them a lot in the papers or hear people talking about them very much, there were those of us who did notice them show up and make important tackle after important tackle game after game, and for all the big plays by the well-known players, as well as all those by the players who just quietly showed up and did their job and went almost unnoticed as they led the team week after week, Beaver Nation is grateful. Thanks, guys.

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