Reluctantly Accepting Kiffin

Let me start by saying that the ‘Great Coaching Shuffle’ of 2014 is still going full steam down in T-Town so I was sort of waiting on the dust to settle before putting my piddly little opinion out there.  However, it seems that some things just cannot wait, so here it goes!

What initially struck me as odd and caused me a serious case of heartburn, has now shown it’s true colors and I am starting to warm to the idea of having Lane Kiffin on the coaching staff at Alabama.  It is no surprise to most that I was not happy when the rumors came up that Saban was hiring Kiffin to replace Doug Nussmeier.  My first thought was “do we really want USC’s trash?” (I know, it’s harsh) as I remembered the not so friendly way that USC disposed of him when they decided his time as head coach for the Trojans was over.  But then I remembered that little ol’ saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Then of course my wheels started turning…and a few things became clear to me:

  1. I have all the faith in the world in Nick Saban and his ability to coach, lead and recruit.
  2. We all should have known there were going to be changes.  Why?  They lost to Auburn (which we all know is not acceptable) and they lost to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.  As we already discussed, there were flaws in the offense and defense that were exposed in those two games.  Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is the definition of insanity and I believe Nick knows that more of the same was simply not going to work going forward.  I also believe that because they were such a winning program this year, coaches were bound to get offers and players were bound to go pro.
  3. My disdain for Kiffin originates from his time at Tennessee.  I just do not like Tennessee, never have and never will.  Amen.
  4. He probably will be a good Offensive Coordinator (Head Coach? Not so much) as long as Nick lays down the law and can keep a stiff rein on him.  Saban runs a pretty tight ship, I can’t see how this would be an issue.  *She types while trying to cross her fingers at the same time*
  5. Like Saban, Kiffin isn’t bad on the eyes….so hey, when you have nothing else ladies, at least there is that!

So that is my sassy southern girl opinion on the state of the coaching saga going on at the University of Alabama.  And who ever said the off season was boring??

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  1. Enjoy…..See you in 2016. Fight On

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