Getting back to Loving the Game

This is going to be a serious article for once in my life. I’ve had a rough 24 hours as a fan and football lover and I want to talk about with you.

People that know me know how much I love football and the Patriots. They also know the teams I don’t like because let’s face it, if you know me, you know I’m very vocal about stuff.

The reason why I’m so vocal is that I carry around a lot of passion and enthusiasm. When I decide to love something, I do it with my whole heart and being.

I love football. I love the game. I love the way it’s played and the strategy. I love the field and the noises associated with the game. It goes beyond the Patriots and Gillette Stadium. It goes beyond Brady and Belichick. It goes beyond wins and losses. Football is a perfect game. It’s poetry to me. So when you say “it’s just a game”? Yeah, I get a little upset. Because it’s not “just a game” to me. It’s bigger than you and me. It’s bigger than 32 teams vying to be the best. It’s bigger than rivalries. It’s bigger than Super Bowl commercials and post game interviews and everything else that goes into football.

It’s about the love of the game. My problem is that sometimes I forget about my love for the game. I get lost in the trash talk and the winning and caring when people insult my football knowledge and team. It’s not about that. Not at all.

If Richard Sherman wants to yell, holler, and scream after a game who am I to judge or care? If Richard Sherman wants to taunt his opponents why do I care? If Seahawk fans want to throw popcorn on a guy that was just injured horribly, who am I to throw stones? If a guy in a grocery store wants to look at my Pats gear, which I wore after our loss yesterday, and say “how’d those Pats work out for you?”, why should I get so mad I’d wish I’d brought my shank to the store with me? If Kaepernick and Cam Newton want to dance after doing their jobs, why should it irk me? If people want to bring up Spy Gate and call Brady a baby or call Belichick, Belicheat, I shouldn’t feel like I’m going to have a stroke.

These things shouldn’t make me mad. I shouldn’t judge others on their conduct on or off the field. Seeing somebody for 3 hours once a week while they play a frustrating, physical game is not enough to really know them. It’s not enough for the public to call someone a “thug or uneducated”. The Patriots aren’t perfect, far from it. Nobody is perfect and these guys have cameras and microphones on them constantly. If somebody followed me around with a camera and microphone I’d be getting plenty of hateful tweets and FB statuses written about me. I’d also probably be in jail.

The last day or so has been been filled with text messages, tweets and Facebook comments-one after another. Stuff that isn’t fun to read, stuff that frankly pisses me off. Well it’s my own fault. I’ve invited all of that in. In order to remove the crap, I have to remove myself from the equation. That means ceasing the social media comments about players and teams in a capacity where I’m not analyzing the game and the effect they have on it. It means giving up the critical attitude and trying to force others to think the way I think or at least force them to see why I think the way I think. It doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked. I’m going Zen.

From now on I’m all about my love for the game.

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