I'd Like To Thank…. My Mom…

First of all I would like to say a HUGE “Thank You” to everyone who spent time reading, watching, discussing, following, and sharing my posts. I hope that you found a happy place each time and learned a little something. It was my goal to entertain, educate, and impress all of you every time I wrote or vlogged, and if I achieved that even one time I am incredibly happy and completely satisfied with my very first full season writing about football!

As you may know, this was my first shot at blogging, and I’m sure it was evident many times when my knowledge or posts were somewhat lacking but for the most part I spent lots of time researching and educating myself before I posted for you to read or view. It is very important to me that you each enjoyed everything I put up, or at least most things! So I put energy in to making it better every chance I got.

I was welcomed to the gridirongirl family last winter and have found a great deal of love, support, knowledge, and friendship through the women writing and the fans reading. Every single one of you is important in more ways than I can even convey, and I hope you continue to follow me as I advance in my journeys in and out of blogging for gg.

What you may NOT know, at least not yet, is that I am currently a communications major, and I relocated back to the University of New Mexico after a year in South Carolina and have been pursuing internships, radio opportunities, media opportunities and more since this fall! My decision to move back to New Mexico had a lot to do with opportunities and connections made available to me in Albuquerque through my mom’s friends and many other folks who seem to see great talent and potential in me. I am so so soooooo grateful for those people, and all of you of course as well for supporting me as I push myself further every day.

I’m a little behind on credits in my senior year of college so I may not graduate until next May but I will be busting my behind the entire way to make the most of my education and every chance/opportunity that opens itself up to me! Your continued support and encouragement is what motivates me to pursue these dreams of sports broadcasting one day.

I spent most of the past year focusing on learning more about football and more about my favorite teams so now I’ll be spending the spring and summer learning baseball and basketball (and even a little golf) while football is offseason. HOWEVER I will be posting for gg as often as possible, and I will continue to share my first love (FOOTBALL) with you lovely ladies and amazing gentlemen who read my words as I share them.

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I love you like I love purple and I pray you are all living gold.


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