Jeremy Will You Go To The Draft With Me? Check Yes Or No.

Hey there football fans and lovers of the game, traditions, and everything that ever correlated with the sport as a whole. As you know, LSU football is in its off-season, so in the spirit of the Tigers and their success I thought I’d discuss Jeremy Hill’s recent struggle with indecision. And that may sound like a snide remark about his inability to choose, but in all reality it’s more of a tribute to his complete likeness to eeeevery single one of us.

You all know I completely adore Hill and his insane talents on the field make me a proud Tiger fan every Saturday! He has made a few mistakes but as I stated previously: he is human, he is just like all of us and his efforts may not always go recognized but are a worthy attempt at an “I’m sorry”.

However I don’t want to talk about his skills on the field, or his spunk off it, but more about his recent struggle to decide his own fate. Now, Jeremy is young, about 21, and has been in college for a short three years. Many of us have faced similar decisions: “Where do I go to college? Should I go? What about a career path? Where should I work after school? How will I pay for it? What if I make a mistake and choose the wrong path? What will people think? How will that change my future?” and Jeremy was facing questions like those, but under the world’s microscope! His choice would directly affect an entire team of boys, a school, a conference, a nation, the NCAA, the NFL, fans, and his family… many more people will be affected as well. So with that in mind it is easy to see why such decisions were such a task for him to consider, and created such a wave.

I guess by now you’ve already figured out what the decision is that Hill was recently faced with, but if you haven’t – it’s the NFL draft and his choice to enter the draft, as he made clear on twitter on January 13, 2014 when he stated,

“With all of that being said, I have decided to forego my Junior season and enter the 2014 NFL Draft. #GeauxTigers #33ToTheNFL #Blessed” – @JeremyHill33

Before this Jeremy had stated he may be staying with LSU for his Junior year and this made many fans VERY happy. However, true fans are even happier now, seeing someone we have grown to love over a very short season and a half of his eligibility at LSU.

But to get to the root of this entire piece I want to just say this; Jeremy Hill was given a chance, a shot in the dark if you will, to show his ability in 2012 when LSU Head Coach Les Miles chose to put young Jeremy on the field during a game against North Texas. Since then Jeremy has shown his worth winning many games for LSU, and providing a rare set of skills for the Tigers.

Now many will judge Hill for his decision, maybe say that he still owes LSU a great deal for Miles putting the team and his job on the line allowing Hill back onto the field after his less than desirable behavior off the field in the summer of 2013. However it is also arguable that Hill is making the right choice for his health and career leaving the Tigers and taking his shot at the big leagues, and that he has more than paid his dues for Miles and the Tigers in his 2013 season by propelling the Tigers past a few big opponents and into some important wins.

The lifespan of an NFL running back is short, and Hill would risk quite a bit of further wear and tear by sticking around for further SEC football participation. That wear and tear could shorten or even eliminate his chances in the NFL and for Hill that is not a risk he’s willing to take.

Hill told us earlier this winter that if the offensive linemen he spent time with this fall chose to stay with LSU another season he would too, but after further consideration he chose what he believes (and I agree) to be the best choice for his career. And if you know LSU football at all you know one thing, it produces top of the line athletes at a high turnover rate and they will support Hill through this juncture in his life and move forward as a team hungry for success and starving for another big season.

So overall Hill is a hot mess of a guy at times, but he gives his all on the field and is faithful to his dreams. I look forward to his appearance in the NFL and have my fingers crossed tightly that he winds up playing for my Jaguars ;]… but even if he doesn’t I’ll be watching and cheering him on, believing in only the pure sheer talent he will bless the NFL with.

Hey, geaux get em Hill! Love purple live gold.

You can follow his adventures on twitter with his twitter handle (as shown previously) @JeremyHill33 and you can always follow mine @KymbryeAnn or on and

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