A Girl’s Guide to Super Bowl Sunday

It’s almost here! The one day every football fan and/0r party host awaits all year long- SUPER BOWL Sunday!

As always, our mission here at gridirongirl is to both inspire you to love the game. . .and the party! Want to understand what’s going on on the field this Sunday? We got you. Want to wow your guests with some awesome recipes, including a PORTABLE Dessert Snackadium? We got you. Need some party ideas? Again, we got you! Read on and enjoy!


THE GAME – by gridirongirl pro-football guru, Erica Anderson


I can’t believe we’re coming up on the last game of the season. It’s so sad! Now I’ll just look weird when I strike up a conversation about football with a random stranger, ‘cause you know it wasn’t weird before.

This is it. One game to decide whom the best team of the year is. One game to show the world that out of all 32 teams, you are the one that deserves to be labeled the greatest. One game to decide if you’ll be able to wear your gear out in public and smirk at the chumps, I mean individuals, whose teams didn’t make it and yours won it all. Ok so that last one was probably poor sport-ish, but let’s all admit that it’s how we all think.

This game is unique in that it’s the #1 defense vs. the #1 offense. I don’t think that’s ever happened before and It’s going to make for a very good game.

You have a future hall of fame veteran looking for his second and possible last ring who may or may not play again (depending on his eval after this season). You have a sophomore QB looking to prove to everybody that the 75th overall pick can earn the greatest achievement an NFL player can earn. You have a team looking to win the first Super Bowl in franchise history. You have another team looking to prove that defenses don’t always win championships. This game holds a lot of importance and only one can come out the winner.

So let’s talk about the actual game. . .

Denver has one of the most prolific offenses I’ve seen since the Patriot’s 2007 season. It’s amazing what Manning and the Broncos have been able to do. Manning has broken and set some pretty serious records this season. Their offense specializes in exposing the weaknesses in a defense. They specialize in stretching them thin and making them tired. Seattle has showed that their defense specializes in shutting down some of the best receivers in the game while getting pressure on the QB. Their offense is decent at getting the job done, but what really shines is their defense.

I honestly think this is Denver’s game to lose. I know that doesn’t sit well with you Seattle fans, but it’s my opinion that Denver’s offense is too prolific to stop. I could be wrong. But this is what I’m sticking with. Denver is a well-balanced team who has the experience of a leader who has been there before. He knows the pressure of the big game. He’s beaten the pressure of the big game. Sometimes, and I believe it matters in games like these, experience really does make a difference.

While Seattle’s corners are good at what they do, they simply can’t cover all of the threats Manning has at his disposal. Seattle relies heavily on their running game and Denver has the 8th ranked run defense in the league. That makes a big difference. My bet is that Denver is going to try to force Wilson to stay in the pocket. He isn’t used to not being able to scramble for the first down or rolling out and throwing the ball. Having to do so may throw him off balance causing a domino effect. In the two of Seattle’s three losses this season both Wilson and Lynch were held to under 100 yards rushing and with them going against the 8th ranked run defense- it may prove to be a problem. Seattle does have the 1st ranked defense in passing yards allowed (as well as rushing yards and points allowed). You’ve all seen Peyton run and let’s be nice and say he doesn’t do it well. If Seattle succeeds in flushing Peyton out of the pocket consistently (like I strongly suspect they intend to do), Seattle has a good chance at winning this game. Standing in their way is one of the best offensive lines in the game, but I suspect that Seattle has a strategy to try to get past them. All in all, both teams have things they should do that will make winning a lot easier. Whether they execute them is another story and we’ll have to wait until Sunday to see.

Now all of this strategy talk doesn’t account for the will to win. It doesn’t account for the fact that sometimes a team is just off and that could happen to either team. Both teams have something to prove. Both teams want this very badly. Both teams are very good at what they do. This isn’t like hockey, baseball, or basketball where you get multiple chances to try to win.

You get one. You have to leave it all on the field and in the end all you can ask for is the chance to prove you’re the best. It’s better than 30 other teams have done.

Be proud Seahawks and Broncos fans. Regardless of the outcome of this game, be proud that your team was there. Be proud that you got the chance. Losing is hard, but the sting will fade. Just remember if anybody says anything to you about it (and trust me they will), ask them how well their team did this year. If it’s the team that beat you, just tell them “stay classy my friend, stay classy”. Then you can flip them off or roll your eyes, depending on how mad and/or brave you are.

Good luck to both teams (and fans) on Sunday. I know the anxiety of the big game and what rides on it. Despite all of the food present at game parties, I never eat. I get that nervous. I don’t go to game parties though either because of my dirty mouth and propensity for yelling and throwing things. Just try not to break anything or get arrested.

Just in case though, I’d secure your bail money ahead of time.

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