Cake Box Dessert Snackadium

Look out ladies, this is really going to impress your game day friends! Trust us, it’s easier than it looks and a BLAST to make! And what’s even better? It’s totally portable!


snack feature 3

Step 1

Use two aluminum tin casserole pans (sold in two packs at dollar store). Use one to bake a batch of brownies (field) and cut the ends off the other pan to form “endzone seats” (cupcakes).

Step 2

Assemble stands by making a platforms/pillars on each side of the stadium. We used miniature chinese take out boxes turned upside down (sold in 4 packs at dollar store). Stack baked goods on each. Alternatively, you could just stack baked goods and avoid using any kind of platform, but this would require many more dessert items. Use any variety of baked goods. Rice Krispy treats work well because you can die them different colors.

Step 3

Frost cupcakes and the “field” of brownies. Be creative. Add Uprights using toothpicks and marshmellows.

Step 4

Create players and referee’s using toothpicks and gummy candy in respective team colors. We used Warhead gummy cubes and jelly beans for the helmets. Be creative! Make sure to add stripes of frosting to the “referees”.

snackadium people

Step 5

Place a cupcake in one corner and insert a pretzel rod to make lights. Glue/tape a square piece of paper with Hershey Kisses glued on. (tip: the casserole tins come with metalic colored paper lids that work well to place around the stadium to give more dimension).

snack lights

Step 6

Cover a small box with foil and attach a piece of construction paper to create a Press box. We used Pretzel Rods to form the base.

Step 7

Add Score Board onto metallic “lid”.

snack score board

Step 8 

Add 3 cups in each remaining corner and fill with multi colored candy or licorice.

Step 9

Applaud yourself for a job well done!!!


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