Alabama Does it Again!

I must say I was originally going to title this post “Alabama Lands the Number One Recruiting Class in the Nation” and I thought “man that sounds familiar!”  Oh yes, that I have written that title before, more than once!  🙂

The fast and dirty is that Alabama landed back on top by signing 18 players today, for a total of 26 or 27 if you count a transfer.  Six of those are considered to be 5 star athletes, that is more than any other school!  A lot of the sports analysts are saying that this is the best recruiting class in college football history…on paper at least.

What we really want to know is what Nick Saban had to say about the new recruits.  In a press conference this afternoon he said that he believes that the coaching staff was able to identify needs early on and that is why they were able to go out and recruit the positions they really needed and got the guys that they really wanted.  So what areas did we need help in?  In my opinion it is THE LINE on offense AND defense.  According to Saban they feel like they have that covered.  Another thing that I heard Coach Saban say more than once was “speed”.  It seems like most of the players that he discussed today had this element associated with them.  It makes me wonder if Saban isn’t ready to join the ‘hurry up’ offense that decimated our defense this season?  I think it’s time, I hope he is thinking the same.

Of course another big area that everyone will have their eye on this year is the vacancy at quarter back left by graduating senior AJ McCarron.  Since hiring Lane Kiffin to assist with the offense, Saban seems to think he was instrumental in getting some of the recruits to come over to Bama.  One of those I have a feeling is former Florida State Seminoles QB Jacob Coker.  What an interesting coup this has turned out to be!!

Signing day is always full of drama and today was no different.  Not only did we snake a FSU QB but we also signed Rashaan Evans, an Auburn High School senior who everyone thought was going to go to Auburn University.  Even Auburn thought this apparently as he already had a bio on the University of Auburn’s athletics website.  (Which of course has since been taken down)  Whoops!!

What else did Saban have to say?  It was truly one of those RARE moments when we get to see a true Saban smile.  He was asked about his performance of the ‘Electric Slide’ that is making the rounds on social media.  He admits that he has “been doing (the dance) since I was 15” and this “social media” monster is a mystery to him but his only regret is that a video of him doing the ‘wobble’ didn’t get posted “I can do the wobble too!  Pretty well!”  You go Coach!

Glad he can show his players and recruits that he can lighten up and that he doesn’t always take himself too serious.

So ladies, it looks like it is going to be one heck of a season down in Tuscaloosa!  Is it time for the A Day Game yet??

Stay warm and Roll Tide!

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  1. Aj McCaron really quit the roll tides?

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