5 reasons LSU's ambush is ready for 2014

(For those who don’t know, an ambush is another name for a large group of tigers. Therefore I think it’s safe to refer to LSU’s football team as an ambush, as they are tigers and travel in a large pack.)

Now on to the order of business at hand: 2014 Signing day. As many of you probably saw me tweet (@KymbryeAnn) I LOVE signing day. This is a day of rebirth, of growth, of pure potential and of triumph, without any physical strain, over fellow NCAA teams. This year LSU was ranked number 2 in the recruiting class of 2014 and I wanna take a few moments to share with you why!

1. One of the top college recruited running backs this year, Leonard Fournette from New Orleans, chose to stay in state and play for the Tigers after being heavily recruited by Alabama and other top schools. However, like I’ve said in the past, Fournette didn’t want to go to a team who already had everything – he wanted to go somewhere he could improve himself and the team and felt that LSU was the best decision for him. So some athletes have a sense of morals after all ;]. With big shoes to fill following Jeremy Hill’s move from LSU to the NFL, Fournette is expected to play plenty in upcoming seasons.

2. Malachi Dupre: The boy who found himself ranked as the number 1 wide receiver and was offered scholarships by many big name colleges including Florida State and UCLA. However, Dupre felt his home would be at LSU and announced his choice, leading the Tigers staff, mascot, and cheerleaders to burst into a major celebration shown on ESPNU. Dupre is rumored to be the next Hakeem Nicks, former UNC player who now plays for the Giants in New York. Nicks – a wide receiver who was (and still is) known for his speed, strength, and stamina – is resembled closely by new LSU tiger Malachi Dupre. Dupre is going to need all those talents and skills to fill the two MAJOR holes left by Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham, both leaving college to pursue the NFL as well, but I expect great things from Dupre, and I think Les Miles does too.

3. Travonte Valentine. This 338 pound, 6-foot-3 defensive tackle is a HUGE score for the Tigers, who are widely known for their defensive lineman prospects. As one of the top defenses in the league, LSU will greatly benefit from the sheer strength and talent shown by Valentine who is a great fill in for LSU’s former defensive players such as Bennie Logan and Ego Ferguson. All thick, muscular, “beefy” athletes representing the Tigers defense.

4. Brandon Harris. I made it fairly clear I’m not sure how I feel about Anthony Jennings quite yet, but I CAN tell you what I feel about Brandon Harris before he even sets foot on LSU turf: pride! This is a quarterback heavily recruited by Cam Cameron to play for LSU and while we saw Mettenberger struggle with patience in the pocket, we see Harris taking more of a steady paced approach at quarterback. However there will be competition for who will start, so Harris will need to bring his A game this spring.


5. This one is a tie between two of the top 3 safeties in the country; Jamal Adams and Edward Paris. These two boys share intensity, speed, and mental stamina and will fill slots left open by the loss of over 17 players in the past two years on a team struggling to rebuild their award winning defense. Having players like Adams and Paris available and ready to play will lead LSU to a better state and hopefully bring home some major wins.

There were plenty more young men recruited by and committed to LSU during yesterday’s (2/4/14) National Signing Day but these are 5 of the young men I most envision bringing home the bacon for LSU. This year’s recruiting class brought LSU several new starting options and filled some major gaps in the team and therefore I give LSU’s 2014 recruiting class an A. Even with the loss of a few key players and some strong recruits, LSU made out like bandits and we will surely see the benefits they reap this upcoming spring and fall!

Geaux get your gameday gear ready, it’s looking like a promising spring for LSU football.

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