Let's Get Tenacious!

When I say the word “Honey” what’s the first word that pops into your mind? Badger?! That’s the word I instantly think of too and for very good reason. As you may have already guessed, this is all leading up to a discussion of former Tiger defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, who now shares his talents and love for the sport with the Arizona Cardinals NFL team.

We had our doubts about his career when he struggled with drugs and bad behavior in 2012 but he seems to have gotten his act together and is doing pretty well starting for an NFL team in his rookie season.

However, after a string of events that led to a torn ACL, Mathieu found himself sitting on the table in the doctor’s office waiting for information that could make or break his career.

Mathieu is the type of guy that never gives up, and has agreed to allow the filming of his rehab process for the Arizona Cardinals to post on their team website for fans and followers.

I recently watched the first episode, “Scar Tissue”, and found myself really interested in what the mini series will turn out to be like. If you haven’t gotten to yet, watch the first episode here:

Tenacious Part 1: Scar Tissue

In the episode Tyrann talks about the pain this injury has caused him and the way it’s screwed with his career. However he still says, “I’m grateful and I’m blessed”.

For someone who has shown great ability on the field for both LSU and the Cardinals, Tyrann Mathieu shows great mental strength as well with rehabilitating such a serious injury and healing from an extended struggle with drugs while in college.

Mathieu was the first runner up for the 2011 Heisman award behind winner RG3 and was recognized in college as a consensus All-American player.

So here’s to a speedy recovery and a successful remainder of your NFL career Honey Badger, you may be a Cardinal now but you will always be a Tiger to us!

If this young man’s journey teaches us anything it is definitely to geaux after our dreams and keep fighting no matter what for what we want.

Geaux Cardinals!

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