Gettin' Snappy with LSU Long Snapper Reid Ferguson

I made friends with Reid thanks to Twitter ( @SnapFlow50 and @KymbryeAnn if you wanna follow either of us) using what my best friend Aubre (who has no Twitter) refers to as my “creep method”. I followed him, favorited and retweeted him until he noticed me and followed back. At that point we became pals and have been putting this interview off for quite a while. I was hoping to snag him away for an in person interview during my annual trip to LSU this year but alas the stars did not align and many obstacles kept us from meeting. (But I did wind up meeting Jeremy Hill and friends so I owe Reid a thanks!!)

When I finally got Reid to agree to a form of communication that worked best for him for the interview, good ole fashioned email was his choice. I narrowed down the million questions I’ve always wanted to ask a player and came up with some fun new questions before hitting the ‘send’ button.

The poor guy has been so caught up with school, bowl games, big wins, practice and workouts he hadn’t gotten a chance to email me back, until I pestered him enough to sit and take 5 minutes out of his day to help me out, and he happily FINALLY sat down to respond.

I know at this point you’re just dying to know what I asked, what he had to say and what you can learn from him through my interview skills; but before I jump into it, I did want to say that this is not my ideal interview format (I prefer when they run like conversation) but with busy bees like Reid it’s best to snag responses any way you can!

Ok ladies, here it is, the interview you’ve been anxiously awaiting since I revealed its release date on facebook last night
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Kymbrye: So outside of football what do you do with your time?

Reid:Outside of football, I like to watch movies and travel around. I’ve become a huge soccer fan so I watch soccer a lot now.

K: Alright, tell me what your feelings are about dating a girl who doesn’t like or know about football?

R: I would say I’d rather date a girl that knows about football over one that doesn’t, but it’s not make or break for me haha

K: What advice would you give girls who want to learn about football?

R: I would just say become friends with some guys, athletes maybe, and watch games with them. You can learn a lot just by going to a game in my opinion.

K:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

R: In 5 years I see myself either playing football in the NFL or working in the FBI in Atlanta, GA.

K: So what are you majoring in?

R: I am majoring in sports business with a minor in sociology and a focus in criminology.

K: What is your biggest fear?

R: My biggest fear is losing someone from my family.

K: Alright, the world famous “freshman 15” question… would you say you eat more or less or about the same in college than you did in high school?

R: I eat a lot more Subway than I thought I would haha.

K: And what is the most recent thing in your internet history? Unless it’s bad haha then the 2nd most recent.

R: I was watching Breaking Bad on Netflix.

K: What’s your favorite piece of work out equipment in the gym?

R: I really like power cleaning, so just the normal weight bench works for me.

K: I’ve always wondered, what’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you since you started playing for an SEC football team? Like, someone asking for your autograph or something.

R: Hmm, I would have to say people knowing who I am when I walk around campus. When you play for a big time school like LSU you become a celebrity and that is something I was not expecting before coming here.

K: What motivational quote, speech or phrase, even a song, do you prefer to get you pumped up for a game or practice?
(This question is for @DBeaz25 who LOVES motivational youtube videos before working out!)

R: I like to listen to Midnight City by M83 before games. My favorite quote that I always remember is “Always do your best. No matter what it is in life you are doing, do it at your best.”

K: This one’s different, what would you say is your biggest pet peeve?

R: I always tell people not to share their biggest pet peeve so people can’t use it against them, but I guess I can share this time! My biggest pet peeve is probably people that think they are entitled to something, whatever it may be.

K: Ok, last one. If you could have a conversation with your role model, what is one thing you would ask them?

R: I would ask my role model about their journey to get to where they are now and then look at how that compares to mine.
I hope these help!

So there it is ladies. This football player prefers girls who like or understand the game, loves subway, and dislikes people feeling entitled.

If you could ask a player any question what would you ask? Tweet your questions to me or comment them on here or on my facebook page for your chance to have your question asked in my next interview! (I can’t tell you who it’s with but I can say he’s a big sweetie and would love to answer your questions!)

Geaux tigers and Geaux Reid. Thanks again!

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