Vote for Jennings!

Actually, just kidding you can’t really vote to move him up the board…sadly. BUT you can go and check out Saturday Down South’s post about the top 10 SEC quarterbacks heading into spring ball. LSU’s Anthony Jennings came in at number 8, so we’re not there yet but we’re somewhere and that’s a start! Right?! Please say he’s gonna hit his groove and vastly improve from what we saw of him in his appearance during our bowl game this winter. That game gave LSU the true definition of grateful when Jennings stepped onto the field. I know it’s a little harsh, he had very little prep time for the game, but he did so poorly that it was up to his line and receivers to cover his behind. LSU found out just how much OBJ and Jarvis do for us, and realized that Mettenberger isn’t a god of football but he completes at least 3/4 of the passes he makes, which apparently is more than we could say for Jennings.

Ok, enough smack talk, I love the kid for his desire to prove us haters wrong! I hope he does! I hope this summer he makes a 180 and shows up in August ready to knock everyone on their butts. I hope his receivers (the dreamy Trey Quinn and Malachi Dupre) are ready to run and retrieve balls in every direction. I hope that Anthony Jennings gives LSU something to be proud of and gives everyone else a run for their money! He did have a 99yard game winning drive against Arkansas and his stats for his first year at LSU aren’t terrible. I know you’re thinking “OBVIOUSLY Kymbrye he’s in the top 10!” but I’m still wary of the young man because I know how vital a quarterback is to a team. Plus, I love good ol’ Mettenberger. But, to be completely fair, Zach Mettenberger struggled for a while too, and in all honestly Anthony has a shot at being better. I just hope that me being harsh gets to him and makes him realize just how much we need him to do his job right and do it consistently! I know this fall he won’t disappoint, and I know if he does Coach Miles will have a field day in front of the cameras telling us how Jennings is gonna make it up to us and cursing about the other team under his breath. So, while this started out a venting post about Jennings sucking at life it quickly turned into a hopeful one about Jennings keeping LSU afloat this fall.

You caught me, I do have feelings and my complete adoration for everyone to ever grace Death Valley with their presence is evident. So while I wanna be mad that Jennings allowed Iowa to score 14 points on us, I’m more glad that we somehow got the win. Because frankly if we lost to Iowa I would have had a complete meltdown, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Keep reading, commenting, and sharing my posts. You are all fantastic people and I love you a million percent. Geauxing back and reading my first posts with gridirongirl is a hoot, so try it out if you need a good laugh or something to lighten a bad day up a little. It’s almost my 1 year anniversary here, and I hope you all get me gifts. I think 1 year gift is paper so I will accept money, in the form of donations to my trip to March Madness. (Get outta here Kymbrye you’re annoying!) I know I know, but really, click the link (, donate what you can and I’ll get off your back about it soon!

Until next time, geaux do something nice for someone around you and remember to give Anthony Jennings a chance to make you love him, because if I have to – you have to. Geaux Tigers!

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